Sunday, April 03, 2011


Insufficient shield drags along behind him
weary legs             trudge      across the moor
rock formations     rise high   in the distance
the castle              walls         loom ahead
permission            for            entry called
drawbridge           slowly        lowered down
knight                                    enters
settles                                    in
Inner dragons kept at bay by stone walls


  1. Interesting! I like the structure of this. Can you tell me more about NaPoWriMo? Are there particular challenges? What was the prompt for this? Or did it just come out of your head? I LOVE to hear about other writer's process :)

  2. Well, if you haven't seen it already, I have a post here explaining more about it. Basically, the challenge is to write a poem every day in the month of April (though I think it is also acceptable to write 30 poems). The official website is here and everyday the organizer does post a prompt or two but you don't have to follow them.

    I thought of this on my own. Sometimes I go through phases where I write poems around the same things. For a long time, it was abused or abandoned children. Then I had a very short phase of school related things. Now it appears I am having one on childhood (see the posts Covers and Plastic).

  3. I LOVE the format. I just had to say that. (;

  4. Thanks. ^^ It's kind of a loose concrete poem.

  5. I love the voice of this poem. And the format (like always) is pretty cool! Childhood is such a fascinating theme.