Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Alexis - Maiden of the Underworld

I like to think of myself as creative and spontaneous but more than likely come off as crazy and boring. I have my hand in many different pots including writing, hair design, photography, wedding planning, and home decorating. Currently I have a book I am working on while saving money to be able to afford to go to cosmetology school and then a real ‘adult’ job. I’m recently engaged and moved into my first real apartment with Boyfriend. Mostly, when I am not working, I am sitting at home getting lost in the internet, drinking massive amounts of RedBull and ruining my hair with massive amounts of chemicals while watching unnecessary amounts of TV.

1. In your fantasy works, do you often make up completely new worlds or interweave your ideas into the existing world?

My worlds are a definite blend; my world is a future Earth but it is a world where gods exist and with them, magic. It’s a defiant balancing act trying to mix them properly. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just invent my own world but ultimately I need earth and I need my magic/fantasy to be real. That’s just how I roll.

2. Do you have any projects outside YA fantasy?

I sure do, with a friend of mine. We are working (very slowly, both being in school all the time and working on our own WIPs, and also being 2000 miles apart) together on a project that is basically a historical fiction blend of Tudor England and Greek Mythology. What can I say, they are both passions of ours and actually bled together amazingly well. Oh… and we are crazy, but that seems besides the point lol.

3. Where do you sit when writing? Do you use the computer or regular old pen and paper?

I usually sit on my couch, and I use both pen and paper and computer. A system that has worked really well for me so far is to write everything down on paper first, that way when I put it into the computer I can edit and fix things a bit so it is not so much word vomit as it usually tends to be when I put it out on paper. I also like writing on paper first because I’m very bad at grammar and spelling and on paper there are no little evil red or green lines derailing my train of thought and calling me to fix them. On paper I can just write, get everything out in a better flow and then go back and fix it once I’ve had a little distance from it.

4. What is/are your favorite blog(s) outside of the group?
5. What is your favorite fantasy creature (elf, dwarf, werewolf, etc.)?

Hummm do Tieflings count? Or do they not count  because they are from DnD? (Yes I AM that sort of geek, don’t judge.) I do love me some Tieflings. But for a more mainstream answer I would have to say a Phoenix. I’ve always found the imagery of the Phoenix to be beautiful and stunning. Also I cannot help but love the idea of being reborn from the ashes.

Alexis's current WIP is a NA/Dystopian/Fantasy/Elemental novel temporarily entitled BORN FOR THIS. She is co-hosting the Now Starring Blogfest on April 25th. Visit her at her blog, Kore Averna.


  1. Great interview! Alexis's stories sound like fun! Yay! :D

  2. Great interview ladies!

    I've always wondered what it would be like to collaborate on a book with someone else.

  3. I'm very intrigued by any story that would blend Tudor England with Greek mythology. Loving that for sure!