Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Credit for format goes to Ellen Hopkins.

“Do you see                                                                       that person in
this room?” I                                                                       glanced over
at his              small                                                            smile, threats
hiding                    behind                                                  his guilty
eyes. I                          prepare                                          myself for
the betrayed                     looks                                         and force
my lips                                        open,                               their clumsy
movements                                    forming                          that horrible
word I                                                          had rehearsed endlessly
in the mirror                                                       for hours upon hours  o


  1. "My lips open, their clumsy movements forming that horrible word". That's my favorite line. ^__^ It must have been hard to make that all line up, no? xD

  2. It did, especially in post format because when you copy and paste from a word document sometimes the tabs and spaces mess up.

    I also had to add words because one side of my N looked too skinny.

  3. You have a gift for concrete poetry. I felt the tension in the betrayal.