Tuesday, April 05, 2011


What are you?

-stuffy voice-
I am a princess
who rules most kindly
over her kitty-cat subjects
and dresses in purple everyday

What are you?

-high-pitched voice-
I am an actress
who dazzles the audience
with dramatic gestures and fancy-pants talk
and hears cries of encore! encore!

What are you?

-my voice-
I’m a little girl
who plays make-believe
with dolls and clothes and thin air
all the time, except bedtime


  1. This is too cute! I love this poem, I can really relate to it because I loved playing make-believe when I was little. ^_^

  2. Sweet poem. I could picture all of your "voices."

  3. Didn't everyone? XD I used to pretend little creatures made out of hearts followed me around. Hmm...

    Thank you, Kari. I thought they added a nice touch.

  4. Brooke - I used to pretend that I lived in a mansion and Dora visited me regularly. XD