Monday, April 25, 2011

Meredith - Client of Rubin Pfeffer

I was born on a cold spring night in Michigan. Well, never mind, I won’t go back that far, but I will say that I was definitely born a creative spirit. If I wasn’t dancing, acting or drawing (even though I was pretty much crap at all of those things), I was thinking up stories in my head and writing down the good ones. I majored in magazine journalism at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) but decided my senior year that journalism wasn’t my passion and that I wanted to pursue something a tad more creative.
So naturally I went to law school. I chose Boston University and then chose to move back to Florida after I graduated because Boston is very, very cold. I embarked on a career as a commercial litigator, a career which I discovered involves a lot less making impassioned pleas before a jury while wearing designer Italian stilettos, and a lot more sitting in an office for months at a time reviewing tens of thousands of documents. True story.

I took a hiatus from my legal career in late 2009 when my daughter was born. I’m very grateful to be able to stay at home with her full-time and squeeze in as much writing as I can when she naps. I’ve always been something of a history buff, and my favorite books are those that take place at some point in the past but have a twist, be it a supernatural element or a dash of fantasy. I eat those up! Not surprisingly, those are my favorite kinds of stories to write too.

I live in South Florida with my amazingly supportive husband, my lovely daughter, and my hyperactive wheaten terrier. I’m represented by Rubin Pfeffer of East/West Literary Agency.

1. In your fantasy works, do you often make up completely new worlds or interweave your ideas into the existing world?

Nope! Everything I write is firmly entrenched in the real world. I love playing with the idea that magic could happen all around us and at any given point in history.

2. Do you have any projects outside YA fantasy?

I have several contemporary ideas floating around in my brain, but everything I've written so far has been historical fantasy.

3. Where do you sit when writing? Do you use the computer or regular old pen and paper?

Computer. I tend to think in rapid fire, and I can type a lot faster than I can write by hand

4. What is/are your favorite blog(s) outside of the group?

Oh, man, there are too many to name. I have a whole list if my favorite blogs and websites on my site.

5. What is your favorite fantasy creature (elf, dwarf, werewolf, etc.)?

Hmmm...I must admit I've never written about standard fantasy characters. So I'll just pick one I like. Unicorns!


  1. Unicorns for the win! I don't know what a lot of writers now a days would do without computers, having to write long hand, and all. Awesome interview, Brooke. Meredith seems awesome. :)

  2. I think in a battle between zombies and unicorns, unicorns would win. And so does Neil Gaiman. They're more badass than many realize.