Friday, April 01, 2011


band of black plastic
with a big dot of blue paint
smack dab in the center
displayed proudly on her index finger
shown to anyone who would look
                and ooh and aah
“it’s not some cheap quarter one either”
“he paid a full fifty cents!”
                all said with innocent smiles

Lips form two words
                “I do”
Gold ring slips on her finger, cold
She stares down at it and imagines
                It as black plastic
Meets the eyes across from her, happy
Heart bangs inside, telling her
                The color should be brown not blue


  1. Awesome poem, Brooke! You always have the coolest poem formats. Hooray for NaPoWriMo! xD

  2. Thank you. I don't know exactly how they come to me. The different formats just occur as I'm writing. I can't wait to see your first poem!

  3. Your writing style is so fresh, and childish-mature simultaneously! I like how you explore the adult world and naive world as bearing the same values, but only in different (sometimes clashing) ways

  4. I don't know if I've ever had it described to me that way before. I like your word choice.

  5. I loved this Brooke, it was really effective. I liked the way you captured her emotion without directly referring to it.

  6. Thanks, Tizzy (I still feel weird calling you that). I feel that that's the best way to go with poetry. It makes things more... poetic. XD