Monday, April 11, 2011


Eyes like Grandma,
rest her soul
Nose as large as Cousin Hank’s,
the poor boy
but look
Mommy’s baby doll cheeks even it out
And her soft little lips are surely her daddy’s
lots of genes from that side
Poppy’s wrinkled, smallish ears prove it

the chatter masses in my ears
as I peak over the crib edge, wondering
Which part of her face is hers


  1. Re: getting labels all in caps - I had to delete every single instance of the label, then start fresh. So what I did was have each entry open to the "edit" page in a separate browser tab, then remove the label from each, and save each entry. I had to remove every label, and save each entry, then edit the first one & add the label again, this time in Caps. It only works if there are no existing instances of the label ;) It was a pain, especially with labels that were attached to 20 entries :P but I did it!

  2. I was thinking it must have had to be something like that. Now I'm debating on whether to capitalize just the series names, or books in general.

  3. I like your features poem. Very nice, Brooke. So true. Everyone looks at the new little bundle trying to pick out which feature belongs to who that we tend to forget that ALL the features make up the new little person. She is unique.


  4. Exactly, Angela. It's always bugged me how people do that. I think that partially derives from the fact that I can't see the resemblance most of the time. XD