Tuesday, April 26, 2011


                  dirt beneath                                           love? Who are you
              like                 your                             can                                    to
            feel                      shoes?                     I                                             say
          and                       The                    who                                          it’s
        cry                              truth?           me                                                     just
       me                              You            tell                                                     lust?
       make                                are              to                                                    How
         to                                     no          you                                                         do
           you                                one.     are                                                          you
         are                                           Who                                                                know
           Who                                                                                                                 how
       things.                                                                                                                        I
             worse                                                                                                               feel?   
          done                    ELSE       AND       COURTNEY                                       Who 
              you’ve                                            4EVER                                                     are
                sure                                                                                                                 you
             I’m                                                                                                                   to
                   wrong?                                                                                                       tell
                   it’s                                                                                                            me
                   say                                                                                                       it’s
                             to                                                                                         unnatural
                                  you                                                                               when
                                         are                                                                      her
                                             Who                                                          soul
                                                        fits so perfectly with mine?


  1. I love this. Powerful. People should judge less, and let be more.

  2. The size comparison between the words is amazing "Else And Courtney 4EVER" of course standing out at the center of the heart? Or is it two souls entwined? I could spend hours analyzing this. Genius.

  3. I spent forever trying to figure out where to start. I'm such a genius. . . start in the middle. xD This poem is too cool! I especially loved the "who are you to tell me it's unnatural when her soul fits so perfectly in mine?" Awesome!

  4. Thanks to all three of you. I'm really glad you like it because I spent ages making sure the formatting was correct. XD

    @Theresa I don't get why people think they have the right to make a law stating others can't get married. I mean, are you God? It just doesn't comprehend in my mind, no matter how hard I think about it.

    @Michael I love it when people give me way more credit than I'm due. XD Really, I was just picturing a heart scratched into a tree trunk and all the things that go behind that, especially for a couple few can appreciate.

    @Madeline I was afraid of that. I thought about leaving a note... But I'm glad you figured it out. ^^

  5. I love this Brooke! Good job :)