Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Like the Polar Express, but Better

The conductor gives her last call, the train whistle blows. You run across the platform, holding your hat to your head, suitcase flying behind you. You jump through the open doorway just in time. The conductor smiles at you. "First stop, Cherie Colyer. Look to your left for some fine examples of blogosphere scenery."

The other passengers oooh...
and ahh...

and oooh some more.

"You should take your seat. You'll be much more comfortable." You follow the conductor up front and slide into an empty seat. She stands, beaming in front of the whole car, her body moving naturally with the rhythm of the train.

"Next stop is Theresa Milstein," she informs everyone. Then she leans down to whisper in your ear. "Of course, we won't really be stopping there. It's haunted, you know. The old houses are filled with vampires I hear." She straightens up, her face never changing expression, and winks at you. The town whizzes by. The place definitely looks scary. No one seems upset that you didn't stop.

"We are now entering the town of Trisha-" The conductor catches herself on one of the poles as the train lurches left to right. The wheels squeak horribly and you throw your hands over your ears. "And by the looks of it we're going to be staying here a while."

She slides open the door and pokes her head out. Someone calls to her and she answers back. You wait to learn what's going on. "Okay, it looks like you folks are going to have to get off for a bit. But don't worry, this place is full of attractions." You file off with everyone else. She hops out and starts walking toward the front of the train. You look around and a sign catches your eye.

Most Beautiful: Pocket Writing
Most Helpful: Never Feel Bad About Squashing A.N.T.s Again
Most Popular: Bess Weatherby - Closet Novelist
Most Controversial: This Message is Brought to You By Brooke's Inability to Write Book Reviews
Most Successful: Where's the Finish Line? -Pointing- It's Behind Me
Most Underrated: If You Give Your Muse a Makeover
Most Prideworthy: First Rejection

A shrill whistle signals that it's time to return to the train. And you'd been having such fun. Oh, well. You'll have just as much fun where you're headed. You climb back onto the train, at a normal pace this time, and resume your seat. The conductor plops down next to you. "Don't mind if I sit here do you?" You shake your head.

"Thanks," she smiles then turns around to face the seats. "We will now continue on to Steph Sinkhorn. You lucky ducks who are getting off here are in for a real treat. The town is holding its annual Agent Carnival. You'll have lots of chances to win books and other prizes."

When the train stops, there's a holdup at the door as everyone tries to push through at once. "One at a time. One at a time," the conductor orders from her seat.

The train is strangely quiet as it starts moving again. "People do love a good book." The conductor sure is a talker. "Personally, my favorite is the next stop. Music is more my thing." She raises her voice. "If you're getting off at the Sarah Pearson station, better get ready."

There's a big welcome sign at the edge of town and another one at the station and another as you pass back out into the open countryside. "Friendly people, Pearsonians."

Suddenly it goes dark. You look out the window to see a cluster of clouds swarming the sun. "Of course, they have to be. Otherwise they would never be able to live so close to their demonic neighbors."

"Yvie Gonya. If you want off, you're going to have to jump. No stops here." The conductor leans over you, gazing out the window. "Looks like the carnival's in town here, too. I pity the fools that go for those prizes however."

You and the conductor are the last ones left in the car now. It feels strange to sit there with all the empty seats behind you. You're anxious for your stop. "Figment." You hop up. The conductor stands to open the doors for you. "Don't forget, you have to register at the gate before you can get to the main attraction. And here's a pamphlet for more information." The conductor shoves a piece of paper into your hand.

You step off the train, and immediately it's off, heading on to its afternoon stops.

Afternoon Stops [7x7 Link Award]
Teralyn Rose Pilgrim
Charity Bradford
Sarah Pearson
Michael Offutt
Michelle Fayard
Theresa Milstein
Angela Scott
Evening Stops [Thumbs Up From Skunk Award]
Teralyn Rose Pilgrim
Madeline Bartos
Michael Offutt
Angela Scott
Theresa Milstein


  1. Dude...wait, what?!! I think you confused me last time with an award...or was that Madeline? You two really seem like twins to me sometimes!

    Thank you for the award!! Now to figure out what the heck it's all about...!

  2. Awesome! That was one of the coolest blog articles I've read. I'm glad I got to be a part of it!

  3. What a lovely awards post. Well done Brooke :-)

  4. This is the most impressive award post I've ever seen. I've never been a fictional character before.

    Is there anything special I need to do to accept these awards? If I have to write an equally clever post, I'm in trouble.

    Thank you!

  5. That was the best award post I've ever read. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the award too.

  6. Hahaha I love the spin you put on the awards giving. :-)

  7. Fun blog post - enjoyed reading it! <3

  8. i have another award to add...stop by =)

  9. Hey thanks for the cool awards! I love them. I've not seen these ones.

    Thanks a bunch :) Made my day.

  10. Oh you would pass me an award. That's it...this is war. Every time I get a meme or an award that requires you to list 10 or more different things, link to fifty websites, and plunder the depths of everything you have written...I shall remember the name Brooke Busse.

  11. @Trisha It's just an award to say you inspire me. ^^ If you click on Sarah's post you'll see it explained in a much more clearer, thoughtful way.

    @Teralyn Thanks. ^^ I worked on it for a while yesterday. You deserve the awards. I love coming to your blog. ^^

    @Sarah -bows- Lovely is my middle name.

    @Theresa Technically you're a fictional town. -winks- Nope. The 7x7 Award is just for you to list one of your own posts that falls under each of those categories. The Skunk award is to say you're awesome and you inspire me.

    @Charity I always try to do my award posts out of the normal so that it doesn't feel like a waste of a blog post. You're welcome. :)

    @Misha You checked out all the stops didn't you?

    @Brenda That's good to know. ^^ It's always good to know that your readers are enjoying your work.

    @Tara I will be over ASAP to check it out!

    @Angela The Skunk one is especially new. ^^ Glad to know I could make you happy. How goes the NaNo?

    @Michael I know how much you love them. :)

  12. This is the coolest, most awesome blog award post I've ever read so far! Loved it, Brooke! Congratulations to the award winners! :)

  13. I like being the most awesome. Let's make an award for that!

  14. Such a creative approach to your awards! Congratulations!

  15. Awesome post, Brooke! Love your creativity. And your blog looks so beautiful:)

  16. Thank you. ^^ I love my creativity too. I've been trying to implement your thing with the pictures. I even went through and added all the Chrysalis buttons to my prompt posts and fixed all the mixed fonts. :)

  17. Thank you Brooke. LOL. I think I did check out the post, though I still walked away a little befuddled. I blame it on sleep deprivation and other things :P

    I really do appreciate it, thank you!! :)

  18. Brooke, I demand that you enter the LULU $500 contest running for the month of November. It's a short story contest of 600 words or less. I think you could win. Check it out on my blog post today or go to the LULU blog but please enter. I recommend the story of the two girls that you wrote that I really liked.

  19. @Trisha Yeah, you already commented and I sent you a reply telling you that you basically had to do nothing but pass it on if you want to. XD

    @Michael -.- I should have known this was coming. I already read your post this morning and I did think about it. I'll have to look into it more. Though to use that story I would have to cut a little over 300 words.

    Thank you for the vote of confidence.

  20. That's way too much fun. And loads of great recommended stops :)

  21. I hope you had fun not just reading the post, but checking out all the stops. ^^ Thanks for commenting.

  22. Very impressive award post. I really enjoyed reading.