Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Down, One to Go [Birth of a Novel Blog Chain]

SHADOWMAN, my first NaNo novel, was completed at 50,191 words on November 13. As of yet, no one has read a word (well, except a few short paragraphs I posted on Angela Scott's blog) because Alisha hasn't been at school the past two days for me to give it to her. -.- She's normally one of the first people to read my novels (you know, besides my mom).

I plan to start GHOST SISTER tomorrow so I'm laying my plot out in order. I was working on this last night and a whole bunch of new ideas came to me. I'm so excited! And it's all because of  a few characters that popped up in SHADOWMAN. I'll be building their personae as well.

I don't really have anything special for you today (summary for GHOST SISTER is pending, plus run out of WriMo songs) but I do have a question. Anyone have any good last names to go with Derik?

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  1. Brooke, you are amazing! Good for you and good luck with Ghost Sister.

  2. Congrats on finishing SHADOWMAN! I haven't finished my first novel yet. I guess that comes later.

    I'm excited too!! I'm glad to be excited instead of 'bogged down' as I was feeling the last few weeks.

  3. Wow, I can't believe how dedicated you are. Good for you. Good luck with number two. I am amazed that you will complete two novels during NaNo.

    How about Derik Casio
    Derik Ashby
    Derik Evanston
    Derik Lashley
    Derik Hudsmith
    Derik Noonan
    Derik Bradenton
    Derik Jeter
    Derik Massey

    I don't know anything about him so I just sort of tossed in the kitchen sink

  4. Congratulations Brooke, that's brilliant. You're putting me to shame :-)

  5. @Charity Thank you. ^^ I think you're amazing as well. Just look how much work and dedication you put into everything. AND you have a family.

    @Trisha I do tend to write shorter stories. :) Yes! Wanting to do the thing you're doing makes it so much more fun. Plus, the bogged feeling feels yucky. I felt in all the way through August 'til about a week or two ago. Not so fun.

    @Melissa You are my 200th follower! Thank you so much!

    Okay. Now. I will respond to your comment. ^^ You are amazing. Thank you for all of the names. I will consider all of them, though I think I found a name. Though I'm just using it because it's slightly ironic.

    @Sarah Thank you, Sarah. ^^ You would probably do just as good if you had as much free time as me.

  6. Wow! Congratulations on the completing NaNo! And taking on another book, you are awesome! I hope the next one goes just as smoothly (if not smoother) than the last one.

    (When I need a last name I do several things, I research surnames on google, look in the phone book or I look at the credits from a movie or television show I love.

  7. Congratulations on completing your novel, Brooke. I'm not too suprised you finished early and are already moving on to your next project. I wish I had your motivation to be constantly writing, I'm too much of a procrastinator!

  8. I love the title already!
    Ghost Sister. Very cool.

  9. @Nyxie I hope it does too! But so far it's not off to such a great start. I have 300 words so far and maybe an hour to write. I just ran out of time today.

    I do research names on Google, but I've never thought of looking through the phone book or credits before!

    @Tizzy Did you do NaNoWriMo this year? I know you were working on the trilogy. My best friend is a procrastinator. Don't be like Lizzie!

    @Huntress Thank you. ^^ I was a little unsure about the titles for these two novels, but they fit, and they sort of go together.

  10. Thanks. It's not really going good so far, not for lack of inspiration, but time.

  11. Awesome! Congratulations Brooke! I hope Ghost Sister is going well to (amazing title btw, wish I could come up with good ones).

    I have no second names to give though. Not really. Normally I keep an eye out when I'm on campus or at sporting events. Or I guess anywhere that people read out a lot of names. Film credits are excellent. Cashier name tags too. Hehe.


  12. Congratulations on finishing SHADOWMAN! Ooh, so is GHOST SISTER a companion to SHADOWMAN or was it just the characters' personalities that gave you ideas or ?

  13. @Mia It's coming along. I've fallen a little behind, but not too bad. Thank you for the compliment about the title. ^^ I didn't give it much thought really, it just made sense.

    That's the second recommendation for film credits. Cashier nametags is a new one. Amazing what we writers notice.

    @Christina They're sequels. GHOST SISTER comes after SHADOWMAN. They could stand alone, both of them, but they make sense together as well.