The following are ordered by importance. Importance pertains to my focus on the project at present.

Spark Within Me (Controller Chronicles, #2)

Genre: YA light sci fi
Status: First draft started.

Prequel: Think of Me
Planned Sequel: Die for Me

Think of Me (Controller Chronicles, #1)

Genre: YA light sci fi
Status: First draft completed at 50,006 words. First round of revisions started.

Rebbsie Taylor knows things she shouldn't. She knows about the Controllers because she is one. She knows about the teams, because she was part of one. She knows how the governmental Department of Wave Manipulation murdered them all, because she survived. With the way her memory is slipping though, she may not know them for long.

Using her ability to manipulate thoughts, Rebbsie along with Tass, the only other living member of her team, break into a building known as the Enclosure. The top floor houses the Department's headquarters, but below windowless walls hide kidnapped Controller children. Subjected to cruel experiments, many are disfigured or handicapped. Rebbsie is determined to free them.

However, the two are captured and Tass is sent to a different facility at an unknown location. Due to the threat of accomplices, the children are put under lockdown. They cannot leave their rooms and no one sees them but the Department officers, not even the scientists. Now, with the help of a Glimpseer who can see her waves, the man who fulfilled the order to kill the love of her life, and an old Controller who manipulates time, Rebbsie works to save the kids, Tass, and her mind, fearing more than one of them may already be lost.

Planned Sequels: Spark Within Me; Die for Me

untitled lucky genes story

Genre: YA dystopian
Status: First draft started.

The True Princess

Genre: YA fantasy/very light sci fi
Status: First draft completed at 73,158 words. Waiting to be read over.

The Lullaby (#1)

Genre: YA contemporary fantasy
Status: First draft completed at 30,236 words. First rewrite completed at 45,974 words. Waiting to be read over before second rewrite is outlined.

Planned Sequels: The Ballad; The Requiem


Genre: NA dystopian
Status: First draft completed at 63,867 words. Waiting to be read over.

Shadowman (#1)

Genre: YA supernatural
Status: First draft completed at 50,191 words. Waiting to be read over.

Kierra's family controls her life. She tiptoes around her sister, Erinn, fearful of her anger. Her mother stifles any chance of a normal social life with outrageous safety precautions. Her father is almost never around and when he is, he favors Erinn.

When Logan Hartley, her previously homeschooled next door neighbor, transfers to her high school, he insists on being Kierra's friend, something she hasn't had in a long time. One friend leads to another, aka Wren, the girl voted Most Likeable three years running. With their help, Kierra starts to become her own person, starting with dyeing her hair red and rapping in front of a full auditorium, things that would send her mom into a fit if she found out. However, reality comes crashing back when Erinn flies into one of her rages and breaks Kierra's arm.

But Kierra isn't afraid of Erinn anymore and presses charges, landing her sister in a mental rehabilitation institution. News the community definitely does not ignore. And once one of her family's secrets is in the spotlight, it's impossible to keep the rest in the dark. As her family cracks into pieces, Kierra wonders if freedom is worth losing them. Unfortunately, someone has already made the decision for her.

Sequel: Ghost Sister

Ghost Sister (#2)

Genre: YA supernatural
Status: First draft completed at 53,752 words. Waiting to be read over.

It’s been one year. One year since Kierra's sister, Erinn, slit her wrists in the bathtub. One year since her father was sentenced to death. One year since she lost her guardian angel, Logan Hartley. One year since her whole life changed for the better.

Kierra has a best friend, a boyfriend, and freedom. She has her music, a role in a friend's film, and, thanks to Wren, a newfound love of yogurt. She has a normal teenage life where her biggest worry is who her mother's dating. At least, it was until a slightly bluer, more gravity-resistant Erinn showed up, hinting at something horrible she can never stay long enough to explain.

Determined to find out what's disturbed her sister's afterlife, Kierra, with Wren, begins researching the Tiers, particularly the bottom one and its inhabitants. Their discoveries, along with each new clue Erinn is able to provide, make it more and more obvious that someone is out for revenge. And not just against Kierra, but everyone the guardian angels have ever saved.

Prequel: Shadowman

untitled preprogrammed miracles story

Genre: crossover allegorical sci fi
Status: First draft completed at 50,032 words. Waiting to be read over.

Royally Burned (Heirs to Esio, #1)

Genre: MG/YA contemporary fantasy
Status: First draft started. Progress halted. Shelved.

Planned Sequels: Royally Twisted; Royally Iced; Royally Stoned; Royally Tricked

Forever, Frog

Genre: verse YA contemporary
Status: First draft started. Progress halted. Shelved.

Planned Companion Novel: After Austin