Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Semi-Hiatus is Needed

So... I've never had to write a post like this before. I've written about being tired of reading, of projects, of life in general, but I've never said I'm tired of this. Of talking to you guys through my posts and comments. Of reading yours, even if I get a bit stressed over that occasionally. I've never said I was tired of the Internet. But there's a first time for everything.

I just have no motivation. To do an-y-thing. I don't feel like reading and replying to emails, like reading posts, like writing posts, like critiquing things on Figment. I don't even want to watch YouTube videos for goodness sake! This lethargy and lack of drive weighs on me.

And I think this worry and stress is affecting other areas of my life. I feel nothing when I think about my writing goals that I was so excited about just a month ago. Thinking about my homework makes me want to just cry or explode or die or all three.

I need to shut down, reboot. Which is why I'm going on a bit of a hiatus.

I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. I need to immerse myself back in my life, my writing, and figure out a way to make the Internet a less stressful place once again, a place I enjoy being. No matter how long though, I'll be returning in storm. As the mood and ideas strike me, I plan to write and stockpile posts so that I will have plenty of things to share with you when I get back. I may also post an update or two between now and then. You never know what may happen.

Hopefully, I'll "see" all of you soon!

Monday, March 04, 2013


Today I have two very special announcements!

The first I've waited about a week to tell you. Last summer I mentioned that the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute was putting together an anthology for the class of 2012. Well, they've finally finished it!

QUARTZ FOUNTAIN includes three or four poems from each student as well as their portrait. I'm the third person in because we're organized in alphabetical order. Three of my poems are included-two I read at a performance while at OSAI and one I chose. It is available in paperback for ten dollars. Purchase links are on my Publications page if you would like to check it out further.

While I am very excited about my anthology, that's not the end of my good news!

About a month ago, I participated in The Overcoming Adversity Bloghop hosted by Nick Wilford. His goal was to compile entries for an anthology he would sell to fundraise money for his stepson's college fund. The Kindle edition of this book was released today! The paperback will hopefully be released in a few days time. Purchase information for this book can also be found on my Publications page.

It's funny because the piece I wrote for OVERCOMING ADVERSITY: AN ANTHOLOGY FOR ANDREW was a part of my writing sample for my audition for the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute this year. Here's to hoping it lives up to its name and overcomes the adversity that is being chosen to attend this camp once more!