Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's Thursday again. The last Thursday of 2010 to be exact. I wrote my poem ahead of time so I wouldn't forget. This works as a good strategy for me because then I don't have to rush and worry over it. It's done and all I have to do on Thursday is write about two paragraphs and type up the poem. It's rather nice. It makes the workload seem like less even though I'm still doing the exact same things spread over more time. Maybe that's why authors take so long writing their books sometimes. Something to think on while you read my new poem.


It starts out
Growing as it
Just like anything

It breathes in
Using it all
Then it will

It starts many
Usually it's an
Though sometimes by

It is not
Only kept for
Thought to be

It is like
It is my
What keeps me

This poem is supposed to be from one of my character's perspectives. His name is Thomas Suits or Torch. He's included in The Switchers trilogy, especially in The Requiem. You probably can't tell from the poem exactly what he's talking about, but it's fire. He's a bit of an arsonist though he doesn't ever intentionally hurt anyone. I like writing these poems for my characters. Maybe I'll do some more.

Also, you may have noticed that I changed a few things in the sidebar. I changed the title above my profile link from The Author to The Climber because it fits in better with the theme. That's also the reason I changed Followers to Belayers (belay - n. an object, such as a rock, to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured). The Ledges section is completely new. It shows what my projects and goals for my writing are. Currently, there's only two things on there (my biggest projects) but I'll be adding more stuff soon. Finally, for better organization, I've rearranged the Poetry Peak list in alphabetical order. Here's to hoping that will help you find what you need.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Step Further

Last night I finished writing Chapter Five of The Lullaby. I've been working on it since I finished NaNo which was over a month ago. To my credit, it's the longest chapter so far at 8 pages (12 pt. font with 1 in. margins). That may not seem very long but my chapters generally aren't. Thinking of You has thirty chapters at only 50,006 words.

Chapter Five is all about Tilo's journey from Syng to the island of Cylic in the human world. Cylic is the only place on Earth that has magic beings. It is also the only place where humans know about them and the place they come from. In the original version, there were about five paragraphs dedicated to this. I'm quite happy that I've managed to turn five paragraphs into an eight page chapter. This means I'm doing what I'm supposed to. Normal fantasy/YA fiction novels are around 60,000 to 100,000 words. The first draft of The Lullaby is only 30,236 words long. I need to fatten it considerably (something to add to my first ledge requirements). I also need to be careful not to just throw stuff in to make it longer. Everything must be relevant. So far, I believe everything is, and the current word count is 8,248.

Introduced in this chapter were three characters that were not in the previous draft. (Well, Jyde was, but he wasn't named.) I think I'm going to enjoy writing about them. Their names are Sanders, Jyde, and Prestelle. They are, or will be, the rulers of the three countries of Cylic. I thought that they would be interesting to read about so they're part of the excerpt I'm going to post.

“Well, I don’t think there’s anything there,” Sanders’s arrogant tone broke through the silence like glass.

“How can you be sure? There was a noise. We all heard it,” Prestelle still sounded slightly frightened. “What do you think, Jyde?”

He answered slowly, “I think that perhaps the noise came from above us. In one of the higher tunnels or on the surface.”

“That’s perfectly reasonable. You see what happens when you let your imagination get to you, Prestelle. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go check on the disturbance.” Tilo heard a chair scrape back. He held his breath, not daring to hope.

A deep sigh, “I do think that’s enough for one day. We can continue tomorrow. Come on, Prestelle. You look as if you could use some rest.” The sound of wood against dirt.

“I’ll just stay here for a minute,” the woman’s voice was stony. She had not taken well to having her fears laughed at.

“Now, don’t be like that,” Sanders voice was rough.

“Like what, Sanders?” Her voice was full of warning.

Before Sanders could reply, Jyde stepped in, “Just let her be. It’s her choice where she goes.”

“Not when-” Sanders started but then he stopped abruptly. Tilo was tempted to peak around the corner to see why.

The sound of a door slamming echoed off the walls. Another sigh, “He isn’t going to be a good ruler if he keeps letting his temper get the best of him.” There was a pause, “Are you really going to stay here?”

Prestelle exhaled loudly, “No, I guess not.” She stood up. Tilo really wanted to poke his head out but he waited until he heard the door creak open and the sound of footsteps heading away.

He stepped around the corner, not believing his luck. A big smile was just starting to spread across his face when he saw the wide blue eyes. Frozen, he stared at the woman who must be Prestelle. Her eyes were set in a very pale face, though, he thought that he might have something to do with that. Blonde hair, almost white, hung down past her waist. That was all he had time to notice before a tight smile stretched her face. She raked him with her eyes and then, “Head for the sea as fast as you can. If you’re confident in your decision, go.”

Turning she walked back through the door just as Jyde called back, “Prestelle? Are you coming?”

Somehow, I have managed to develop each of their personalities in my head very well. This is often hard for me. I know what to make them do and say so that it will fit in with their character but I don't know how to describe it. These three seem to be easier to understand. Let me know what you think they're like. They're not in this book much (they'll be in The Ballad lots more) but I want them to be remembered.

I already know what I'm going to write about in Chapter Six, what's going to happen. I should be able to write it fairly quickly. I'm not going to start until after New Year's though. I have this thing where I want to start fresh. I don't want to be in the middle of something. Whether it be reading a book, or writing a chapter. So I'm waiting. Here's to hoping we all start our New Year out the way we want.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Missing Girl

Pages: 284

So as I promised this post is strictly Paper Mountain related. No pictures of the things I own, no random music videos, no nothing that does not involve reading or writing. This post is a review. Just a plain old review, no Wonderful Week musings, just a review. I got this book at the bookfair towards the end of November. I haven't been able to read any of my new books because of the Wonderful Week of Harry Potter. That's over now, though, and I've been catching up. I had never heard of this novel until I bought it so you'll get to hear about it from someone who has yet to set firm feelings about it. This ought to be fun.

This book is written from four different perspectives and all three different points of view. Beauty and the man's stories are told from third person. Then you have Fancy who is portrayed in the first person because she is talking to a tape recorder until the very last chapter when she is speaking to her class. Autumn is talked about in second person. At first it didn't stick with me why. I knew there must be a reason but I couldn't think of it. Then it struck me that the author was trying to make it so that I was Autumn, that Autumn's experiences were my experiences. But if this is a story, why does your face still smart from his slaps? Why do your wrists still burn like real life? And if this is a story, when do you get the happy ending? (pg. 176) These sentences make you feel what Autumn feels and I think that is what the author was trying to do.

The one thing that seemed slightly off in the plot of this book was part of the man's perspective. He thinks continuously about which girl is his favorite, finally, narrowing it down to Stevie and Autumn. I had a sense of what would happen when he decided, given to me by the title. He does end up taking Autumn but it never shows the moment when he decides that she is the one, his favorite. He may have not had to decide because she walked right up to him but the author made it seem like a large part of the story. Too large to just be discarded like that.

One of the scenes that feels particularly real to me is in the chapter 'The One Person in the World' (pg. 55). Autumn is trying to get the notebook that she keeps her thoughts in back from Fancy. Fancy, who is mentally challenged, found it and has gotten into her head that Autumn gave it to her. I completely understand Autumn's frustration that Fancy doesn't understand and won't give it back. Then when she finally gets it back, her sister Mim seems to take Fancy's side. She takes Fancy downstairs for hot chocolate. Autumn is very emotional. I don't know if it's because of her age or because of her personality. She starts to cry because on top of everything else, Mim didn't even ask if she wanted any. This is from Autumn's perspective so maybe that's why it feels so real to me. Or maybe it's because I can just relate.

Overall, this book was everything it could be. It showed how the man thought, how Autumn felt being kept prisoner, and how her family reacted to it all. It's very detailed and it gives you chills. It feels almost real, like a good book should. I highly recommend it.

The next book along the Reading Trail? The Juvie Three by Gordon Korman.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are You Happy Now? Um... Duh?

Christmas was wonderful as Christmases tend to be. I got a lot of amazing presents. I'm actually going to tell you about them because I'm happy and some of them pertain to writing or literature (indirectly XD). Some of them, though, have nothing to do with any of that (even indirectly), but I still enjoy them so you're going to hear about those too. I apologize for having two non-writing posts in a row. Here's to hoping you'll enjoy it anyway.

My big (and I mean big) present was two new bookshelves. My dad built them himself (with help from my mom). They are definitely awesomesauce. I spent the next hour rearranging all of my books (finding a few errors on my book list as well but that's all fixed). You probably can't appreciate how great they are without seeing them so without a further ado, here they are.

Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #2

They're taller than I am by almost a whole shelf. They're amazing. That's 421 books it's holding (fifteen of my collection are on the shelves next to my mirror) and it's still not full! They are magnificent and probably one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten.

My other big present was a new cell phone (I took the pictures above with it). I've been wanting a new one for a while since I rather hated my old one. It's a G2 and though I'm not a touch screen person (I know, that's not exactly modern) it has a keyboard so I'm happy. I can even write on this phone. That might be kind of hard though with such tiny keys.

My mom bought me four new shirts. One of them was a NaNoWriMo 2010 shirt (not a winners T-shirt, I think she got confused or maybe she thought this one was cuter)! I don't have a picture of it but if you go here you'll be able to see it just fine. I also got the NaNoWriMo merit badges in my stocking. They're currently sitting in my new artist's box (my mom bought it for me to keep my writing stuff in).

I had asked for quite a few books (Bran Hambric, Fallout, some Pendragon, Redwall, and some Sonya Sones books). My whole family seemed to latch onto the Redwall series though (I guess because there were so many). Luckily, I got about $100 from various grandparents and a gift card to Amazon. I should have plenty of new books to share with you guys soon.

I also got two new CDs from this band I've become a fan of lately, ALL CAPS. They do parodies and fan songs (for like Harry Potter) as well as original songs. You know the NaNoWriMo Song video I posted? That was them. So as you probably just figured out, they're pretty cool. The first part of the title comes from one of their songs that I'm actually listening to right now.

My hamster also, unexpectedly, had babies on Christmas. What a surprise that was. There were originally six but today two of them died. We don't know exactly why but I guess that's just how it is. Sometimes it happens. We're just excited that they finally had babies.

I apologize again for two non-writing related posts in a row. I promise it won't turn into a habit. The next post will be strictly writing related. Maybe even some good news like that I finished Chapter Five (I wish). Here's to hoping that that's what happens.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's the End... Right?

So our Wonderful Week of Harry Potter is over. Or is it? As I mentioned at the end of the last review I have a little surprise. This may not have anything to do with writing but it has everything to do with Harry Potter.

There are lots of things to do with Harry Potter that I didn't talk about. It's such a long, intricate series that there was bound to be. Some of them were actually in the books (scenes, characters, etc.) and then some were personal, fan-type things. For instance, which house are you in? There are lots of people who take this very seriously. I am not one of them though I like to think of myself as a Hufflepuff (it's a shocker, I know). Hufflepuffs are kind and loyal and honest. They are good people. Then my mind starts thinking about my intelligence so I lean a little toward Ravenclaw. Though I hope that I would hold the value of kindness over smarts. So just to set myself straight I told this quiz and you know what it told me?

That didn't help me much now did it? So as my friend Christine said (because she got Hufflepuff and didn't like that) it wasn't a very accurate quiz with only 12 questions. Then we tried out this much more detailed quiz. It told me I was a Gryffindor, too (though my second highest score was Hufflepuff)! I'm more confused that ever now but I still want to be a Hufflepuff over all. Which house are you in? If you have no idea maybe you should take one of the quizzes mentioned above.

Now that's not the end of my surprise. I have much more entertaining things to discuss. I'm not really into fan fiction as I may have mentioned (I can't remember) but somehow I have found myself loving some, very nice Harry Potter songs by a band called Ministry of Magic and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. (Note that some of the videos were not actually posted by Ministry of Magic or anyone in it so they're not the official video for that song.)

Sorry for the large amount of videos. But, as you can see, I have finally figured out how to upload videos straight from YouTube. Isn't that great? The first song is a rather silly one, but all of the following are more serious songs as you probably figured out. There was one video I couldn't find on the video search. If you love Dobby check this out. Here's to hoping you enjoyed that and have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For One Day

This week I made sure that I had a poem ready before Thursday. I need to start being stricter about this. I just need to work a little bit on time management. Quitting Neopets should help, I'm planning for the first. Here's to hoping that's successful. Now, I know that none of you are here to listen to me ramble about Neopets so how about that poem?

For One Day

One day
I'll float above the moon
And shine just as bright

One day
I'll stand high like the trees
And spread my roots just as far

One day
I'll support wonders earth never could
And hold just as firm

This is
My dream for
One day

I'll scratch out words like unpolished gems
And love them just as if they were diamonds

I'll scramble for ideas that prick my fingers
And dote on their fragrance just as on a rose

I'll stare down glowering paper fiends
And attack them with ink just as black as they are white

This is
My reality for

I didn't exactly intend for my poem to be about becoming a famous author but that's what happened. It seems to me that my writing often doesn't turn out like I think it should. That's perfectly fine with me because the ensuing idea normally turns out better than the one I had in the first place. Does that ever happen to you?

While we're on the topic of poetry, Teen Ink has finally approved my poem to go up on their site after a month and eight days. If you want to see it, because I haven't posted that one on the blog, click here. I'm thinking about what poem I want to submit next (maybe this one?) so I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Pages: 759

We've reached the end. Finally, right? And what a great end it was. Surprisingly, this book is the only one that I've only ever read once (twice, now) and that was three years ago when the book first came out. Since it has been such a long time since I've read it and, because I read it so quickly (it was a matter of hours) I had forgotten tons of things. I only remembered some pieces because I had just seen the movie. It was almost like a completely new experience.

As I have mentioned before, I love how J. K. Rowling entwines all the books together so well. Ron uses the Deluminator in this book to get back to Hermione and Harry. The Deluminator is not mentioned very often before now though it is mentioned in the very first chapter of Sorcerer's Stone (it is also mentioned in Order of the Phoenix). Somehow she saw that far ahead! I may be looking too far into this. Maybe she just invented it early on and then later as she was writing decided to use it again. I still think it's great.

Another thing (or character) that she incorporated from the very first book is Griphook. He was the goblin that showed Harry to his Gringotts vault the very first time Harry ever went there. I'm pretty sure he isn't mentioned in any other book. So again she looked that far ahead. Or she just needed a goblin and picked Griphook. Could there possibly be too such coincidences?

There are many other things though, they show her genius. The story of Grindelwald and Dumbledore being friends, how Dumbledore's nose was broken at his sister's funeral, the Hog's Head bartender being Aberforth, the ghoul in Ron's attic being enchanted to look like him. All of those little things that never seemed so important turn out to be so.

Overall, I think we can all agree that J. K. Rowling is a genius. This last book just gives more proof to the point. There are people who think Harry Potter is boring (my best friend is among them -twitch-) and I rather think they have lost their minds. There are people who have never taken time to read them (my other best friend -sigh-) and I pity them for their loss. These are jewels among literature. Long live Harry Potter! The Boy Who Lived!

Such ends our Wonderful Week of Harry Potter. Though I may have one more surprise in store.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Pages: 652

We're almost to the end of our Wonderful Week but, we still have a little ways to go. Reading the sixth book was almost better than reading some of the other books because for some reason I don't read the last books (excluding the Order of the Phoenix) as much as the first few. So there's a few more surprises. For instance, I had forgotten that Lavender and Ron had a thing going on. This should be interesting.

One thing I have noticed throughout all the books that there is one small phrase that J. K. Rowling says all the time. It's in the dialogue tags. She often says that two characters say something at the same time. I noticed this getting worse in the fifth book and it continued on into the sixth. It wasn't as bad in this book as it generally seems to occur when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are talking and for a big part of this book Ron and Hermione are fighting (about the Lavender thing that I mentioned already). I do realize that over hundreds of pages you do have to use the same phrase twice but, if it's noticeable, that may be something to work on in the future (wouldn't it be great if you started writing again?)

This is the book the Horocruxes are first introduced in (if you don't count Chamber of Secrets). I personally think that it's a bit of a major part of the story to have waited so long into the series to write about it but it worked out fine in the end. I do understand why she did it this way. It would be kind of predictable if, in every book, Harry found a Horocrux and destroyed it. I'm sort of glad she did it this way though the discovery of all the different Horocruxes seems a little rushed to me.

Dumbledore dies in this book as well. I don't really know how that makes me feel. I can't decide if I like Dumbledore or not. I know this sounds crazy. Half the time I think he's awesome but there are certain parts where he kind of bugs me. For instance when he snaps at Harry about Snape. Even though we all know Snape wasn't truly evil his tone and speech grate on my nerves. The other scene is when he's talking to Harry after discovering that Harry did not retrieve the memory. I realize he was disappointed but what he says just makes me sort of angry. I have conflicted feelings about the greatest wizard who ever lived.

Overall, this is a great lead in to the end. It shows tragedy but great expressions of love. I definitely like that scene where Fleur is talking about how she will still love Bill even though his face is scarred (pg. 622-623). It shows the changes in Harry quite nicely, I leave it up to you to decide whether those changes were good or bad.

The next book in this Wonderful Week -cough- Month -cough- of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

P.S. I do know that today is Thursday and I'm supposed to have Poetry Peak but I don't have a poem ready (I know, I'm pathetic) and I'll be at Lizzie's house all weekend for her birthday.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've been meaning to write this post since like November (or was it October?). There's this contest that is held at my school, and many others too, called Reflections. You may have heard of it. This year, and last, I entered with a writing piece (they have different categories for the different arts). These are the only years I have ever entered even though I've had the opportunity since elementary school. I always find the topics not to my liking (do not get me started on uncreative prompts). I have only entered the last two years because it was required by my English teacher at the time. Unfortunately, I have not won either time. So I thought I would share my entries with you, just for fun.

Year: 2009 
Topic: Beauty is...

Blair walked out of the department store, laden down with bags, in her new two-inch-long bright blue high heels. It went great with her new knee-length dress. The new headband didn't hurt either.

She was feeling very happy. A nice-looking man had told her she looked beautiful as she stood in front of him in line to pay for all of the clothes she had just picked from the racks and racks of different colored fabrics. Blair knew she was beautiful but it always helped when other people pointed it out.

As she rushed to call a taxi, she glanced up at the sky. It was clouded over and reminded her of a sponge about to be squeezed. She frowned a little. She didn't want her new dress to get wet. Suddenly, a little girl tugged on the edge of her new blue dress. Blair yanked away. The little girl was dirty and a great bouquet of colors covered the whole left side of her face. Her clothes were two sizes too big, and her hair was so matted with mud and knots, Blair couldn't even tell the color. The girl was truly ugly in Blair's eyes. Just then, the taxi pulled up to the curb and Blair quickly pushed the girl away in terror and jumped into the backseat.

Behind her the little girl landed on her tush. A tear slowly fell from her eyes leaving a clean streak of skin. She quickly brushed it away and stood up to brush herself off. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't go home, she hadn't any money for her father, and it looked as if it might rain soon. If only the well-dressed woman had listened to her, she might have been able to. Another tear fell down. Being pushed hadn't hurt near as much as the terrified look in the woman's eyes. It hurt even more than her father's blows. Just then the first drop of rain plopped on her nose. She quickly hurried to find shelter from the downpour.

At her home Blair laid out all of her new clothes and admired them. She reached for her purse to dig out her phone so she could send pictures to Tayler, her best friend. But it wasn't there! Blair groaned. She must have left it on the counter at the department store after she paid!

She'd have to go back and get it. If she hurried she could just make it. She quickly grabbed her umbrella and rushed to hail a taxi. At the department store Blair sighed with relief when the cashier produced her light purple purse. She walked back out to call a taxi for her ride home. Her new heels were starting to hurt her feet, but that was the price of beauty. The sidewalks were slick with water, and in a sudden lurch forward to try and hail a passing taxi, Blair slipped into a large puddle. She sat there in surprise, and then angrily slapped the water. Her new dress was ruined! She started to cry and tried to stand but she slipped again. Then the small girl from earlier appeared in front of her and held out her small hand to help Blair up from the puddle.

As the homeless little girl held out her hand, Blair saw what a rare beauty she truly was, despite her bruised cheek and ragged clothes. Blair felt ashamed at her actions of earlier when all she had seen was a dirty child, and felt ugly in comparison. For this child who had nothing, never envied the riches proudly display by the people who passed and had only wanted to ask for a little money so her father might love her. This small child had a beauty of her own kind, one that couldn't be bought at a department store or from a surgeon. Hers was one that others gained from and she herself didn't know she possessed. For hers was the most rare of all beauties. Hers was the beauty of love and kindness, the kind that made others smile and laugh and feel joy. The kind that compelled her to help up a rude, rich lady from a mud puddle and give them a hug even though she's all wet.

Year: 2010
Topic: Together We Can


took me
    as I walked home
pulled me
    into that silver SUV
covered my mouth
    as I tried to scream

Together we could have


want to go home
    more than anything
hope every single day
    that they’ll find me
wish to be safe
    away from him

Together we can


found me
    and took him away
returned me
    and my mother cried
say it’s safe
    (but is that really true?)

Together we did

How is that for some nice poetry? Yes, I'm a little smug (even if I didn't win). I love how I did the form and, I especially love that I figured out how to post it on the blog like it's supposed to be (I had a problem with that on Neopets). I've been thinking about using the topic of my poem (or something like that) for my NEPMo. What do you guys think?

Oh, and while we're on the subject of contests; you know the one I mentioned that's being hosted by Olive Garden? And you know how I said I was going to write my first City in the Sky short story for it? Well, it turns out I can't. They have a set prompt and that wouldn't be so bad except it's completely stiff and just bleh. You think someone (especially someone who is hosting a writing contest) could think of a creative prompt but, alas, it turns out that that isn't so. "Describe how furthering your education beyond high school will help make your dreams come true." Who wants to write about that? I might have an idea for it though and I have over a month left so who knows? Maybe it'll turn out better than I thought but, don't hold your breath (or stare at the sun).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Pages: 870

It may seem like I've disappeared but, if you think this, I'm sorry (or maybe not?) to inform you that you are greatly mistaken. I just haven't done much; I've been sluggish and lazy. In the way of writing, at least. I have been working hard to finish this monster of a book. I only call it names out of love. XD Luckily though, I have gotten past the hardest hurdle. Compared to this almost 900 page book the Half-Blood Prince looks like a small little thing but, right now, we're focusing on the monster.

My all time favorite character is introduced in this book. Her name is Luna Lovegood. You may have heard of her; she has a whole chapter dedicated just to her (Chapter Ten). I love Luna because she's dreamy and because she believes. Luna does not need proof that something is real (this rather annoys Hermione). Luna is just Luna; she doesn't care what other people think. She has more freedom than the rest of us because of this.

For some reason I'm always forgetting about Tonks. I don't know why exactly. I mean she's awesome but she's just not one of the characters that crosses my mind often. (I didn't mean for this post to turn into a character rant but I have a feeling it's going to.)  Maybe it's because she's only in the last three books but, then so is Luna and I remember her just fine. Maybe it's Tonks's personality. There are times when it shines through very much and then at others she seems rather dull.

I especially like how Neville changes in this book. When Bellatrix Lestrange escapes, Neville seems to be more determined than ever. It seemed to bring out the better side of him. He became Neville the brave instead of Neville the buffoon. He is finally displayed as a true Gryffindor.

Overall, this one is my favorite out of all the Harry Potter books. I apologize for such a short post (and a review at that) after an absence of over a week (I completely forgot about Poetry Peak). I also apologize for this being mostly a character display instead of what I thought of the story. Characters are important though. Let no one tell you any differently.

The next book in the Wonderful Week of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Pages: 734

We're over half way through the series now and it only took us a little over two weeks to get there. I consider that very poor on my part but I'm hoping I will read the next three books swiftly. The fifth book is my favorite, it has so much detail, so here's to hoping I can finish it quickly. Right now, though, we are not talking about the fifth book; we are talking about the fourth. Let's get to it.

Through this whole book every character is realistic, everything that they say, that they do. That is until you get to page 712 where there is a small bump in this pattern. When Sirius transforms into a person from his dog state here is Mrs. Weasley's reaction: "Sirius Black!" she shrieked, pointing at him. That is exactly what you would expect as she thinks he's a murderer but after that you don't hear her say anything else about it. I guess this line was supposed to calm her: "Mum, shut up!" Ron yelled. "It's okay!" You would still think she would want some kind of explanation though, before she just goes silent about it.

Something that makes me smile in this book, besides the witty dialogue, is Rita Skeeter. Not because I like her but because of what she does and what happens to her. Now I would like to clarify I'm talking about the way she turns into a beetle and not how she writes when I say what she does. Every time a beetle is mentioned I can't help but grin at this wonderful idea. Of course, the very first time I read this, I didn't know she was a beetle so I didn't enjoy catching all of the little hints to it until the end. Now though I'm in on the secret and I'm loving it.

There was one part in this book that made me very angry as well as sad. It's in Chapter Eighteen, pages 299 and 300. Malfoy and Harry have just sent hexes at one another and they accidentally hit Goyle and Hermione instead. When looking at Goyle, whose face has started to sprout large boils, Snape calmly tells him to go to the hospital wing. When looking at Hermione, whose front teeth are growing larger by the minute, he simply says, "I see no difference." I was so mad at Snape it was like he was real and standing right in front of me. It was a very cruel thing to say but, it was very real, and that's what made the scene good.

Overall, this book was a very important piece of the story. With Lord Voldemort rising and the Minister of Magic refusing to accept it many things could happen. I will, of course, be telling you of those things, in my next review. Here's to hoping that comes as soon as possible.

The next book in the Wonderful Week of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I Need a Pensieve

"This? It is called a Pensieve... I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind... At these times... I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines that at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form." -Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry [Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling pg. 597]

The main cause of my need for a Pensieve is, I believe, this outline I've been trying to make. It's for the rewrite of The Lullaby. I've added some new events and rearranged a few things and I wanted to get it out all in order, chapter by chapter. First I write out the major event in the chapter then all the smaller things that have to happen. For example, here's the piece for Chapter Three.

Chapter Three:
Tilo learns that the other Giants don't trust him.
- Tilo is given Vant
- The lullaby is heard for the first time
- Tilo decides to leave Syng

I felt like I was doing good until I got to Chapter Nine, then I got this weird feeling that I sometimes get when I haven't fully processed something or have done something that I think I did a little too quickly. It's a strange feeling like I just haven't done something right. It's hard to describe but, once I get that feeling, everything just goes down hill from there. I started feeling like it wasn't making sense. So after planning out Chapter Eighteen, I just decided to write down the ideas I have for after that point in a paragraph and left it at that. I think I do better with having just general events anyway. I don't really relish the idea of already knowing every single thing that is going to happen; it leaves no room for flexibility, to allow the story to go where it needs to go.

Speaking of The Lullaby, I'm still working on actually writing Chapter Five. It's my longest chapter so far, standing, right now, at six pages. There's still  one more important scene that I must portray before the chapter is over so I'm thinking it will probably end up at seven or eight pages. I know what must happen in the end but I don't know exactly how to get there. I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go, though. My writing has a habit of doing that.

Something else that has been giving me a strange feeling is the Heirs to Esio series (if you don't know what this is, as I don't believe I've actually posted about it before, check out the link at the top). I almost don't feel like writing it. I haven't actually written any of the five books yet, or planned out any major events besides some surrounding the main conflict. Maybe that's the cause of why I feel this way. Maybe it's because I'm just not bursting with ideas for it at the moment because, we all have to admit, when you get new ideas for your story over and over, it feels great and, it's pretty disappointing when that great sense of being goes away. I'm also sort of feeling like the only reason I'm hanging onto it is because these were my first characters like ever and I want them to have a story, and I want to use them. Maybe that's why I should write it. I think the only thing that's really making me keep hold of it is my friend Josh wants to read it and that's not a very strong reason. I plan on writing the first one in June or July. Maybe that will change how I feel toward it. Maybe; I can see why Rebbsie hates the word.

I'm still waiting for my the poem I submitted to Teen Ink to be approved. You remember when I submitted it don't you? It was only, oh, four weeks ago. I knew that this might happen, especially seeing as poetry gets the most submissions, but it's still slightly disappointing. Like I've said before, my one fear is not being rejected, but not getting a reply. There is a question under their FAQ which addresses this issue. It says it could take anywhere from a few days to a month. Well, it's almost been a month so you would think I would get a reply soon. Here's to hoping that that's a true statement.

Teen Ink also hosts contests but that's not much different than submitting a work. Any work that is submitted is instantly put into the contest that that work applies to. I've been thinking about entering some contests lately. My English teacher has submitted my class in a few, Reflections (which most schools have, I've been meaning to post that) and one that's for the whole country. I can't remember exactly what it's called but I do know that veterans pick the prompt. This year's was 'Does Patriotism Still Matter?'. Grammy tells me that she has one for me that's hosted by Olive Garden. She's going to give me the paper soon. I'm thinking I may write a City in the Sky story for that. It'll get me started on it.

I do have a bit of good news. Madeline, Leo, and I all won NaNo. That's right, we all passed 50,000 words. Leo's story isn't finished, and I expect it will be some time before it is but she got there. She wrote most of hers in the last week of the event. As Leo says she's one of those 'week before' people. Madeline and I agreed to switch novels at the end of the month so I'm currently working on reading her novel Of Smoldered Harbors which is quite good. It's a very original idea.

While we're on the subject of reading material, I have six new books from book fair (bringing my book count up to 429). I will start reading those after I finish the Wonderful Week (or three) of Harry Potter. Speaking of that, here's a Harry Potter tidbit to end this post with, just as we started it with one. I found this quote that I think is really amazing. "... If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." Sirius says on page 525. I find that to be very true. I have also found another thing that bugs me, again to do with the art. It's the little drawing for Chapter Thirty-One, the sphinx. I don't know why, maybe it's the mane or the lack of shading on the ground around her, but it just looks like not as much effort was put into it as the others. I find it rather strange.

I do apologize for this post being so long. I guess there was just a lot of stuff I needed to discuss. If you read through the whole thing you are absolutely wonderful.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


It's December which means that Poetry Peak is back on. I almost forgot about it but, luckily, I remembered just in time. I already had an idea in mind so it wasn't that hard to write a poem. It came out a little more humorous than I intended. It also rhymes. I haven't written a rhyming poem in quite some time. That's probably why it turned out to be a funny poem instead of serious, as is my usual style. Now enough of my blabbering. I'm sure you're all anxious to see this poem after waiting a month (as if).


I've grown,
Can't you see,
How I am
And how I used to be
Was it just moments ago?

You may still be large
(A foot overhead)
But I prefer not to think of that
I would rather think happy instead

I'm proud of this inch
Even if it's not truly mine
The clicks are loud but that's just fine

I'll take it while it lasts
Tomorrow will put them away

Heels now in our pasts

In case you couldn't tell, this poem was about wearing heels. I got the idea when I was wearing an old pair of mine that I don't really wear that often anymore. I felt strange and sort of off, like the world was out of place, like I was out of place. Yet I still felt dignified and proud as well. The original idea was the former but, somehow, it turned toward the latter as I was writing it. Just goes to show that the writing will go where it wants.

While I've got your attention, I'm thinking about doing something called NEPMo (National Epic Poem Month). The goal is to write a 5,000 line epic poem in May. I may do it in another month but that's the month that the actual event is hosted in. I found the link on NaNoWriMo's I Wrote a Novel, Now What? page. I'll keep you posted on my decision.