Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's Thursday again. The last Thursday of 2010 to be exact. I wrote my poem ahead of time so I wouldn't forget. This works as a good strategy for me because then I don't have to rush and worry over it. It's done and all I have to do on Thursday is write about two paragraphs and type up the poem. It's rather nice. It makes the workload seem like less even though I'm still doing the exact same things spread over more time. Maybe that's why authors take so long writing their books sometimes. Something to think on while you read my new poem.


It starts out
Growing as it
Just like anything

It breathes in
Using it all
Then it will

It starts many
Usually it's an
Though sometimes by

It is not
Only kept for
Thought to be

It is like
It is my
What keeps me

This poem is supposed to be from one of my character's perspectives. His name is Thomas Suits or Torch. He's included in The Switchers trilogy, especially in The Requiem. You probably can't tell from the poem exactly what he's talking about, but it's fire. He's a bit of an arsonist though he doesn't ever intentionally hurt anyone. I like writing these poems for my characters. Maybe I'll do some more.

Also, you may have noticed that I changed a few things in the sidebar. I changed the title above my profile link from The Author to The Climber because it fits in better with the theme. That's also the reason I changed Followers to Belayers (belay - n. an object, such as a rock, to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured). The Ledges section is completely new. It shows what my projects and goals for my writing are. Currently, there's only two things on there (my biggest projects) but I'll be adding more stuff soon. Finally, for better organization, I've rearranged the Poetry Peak list in alphabetical order. Here's to hoping that will help you find what you need.


  1. Hey, Lola here. My last comment mysteriously vanished -.- LOVE this poem!!

  2. It's okay, Lola. XD We figured it out. Thanks. ^^

  3. No problem :D I can't wait to read more poems like this. I like how its all mysterious x3

  4. Thanks. I have a few others posted on the blog, links are at the bottom of the sidebar but that's it for now.

  5. I like your changes!

    The poem was very powerful...could be about any number of things really. Or i guess it just makes you think.

    I've written poems/songs by my characters or about them, too.

  6. Thanks, Trisha. Good luck with your Experiment, by the way. I might be joining in. Haven't decided yet. ^^

    Yeah, that's why I decided to let you know what it was about, just so you would know. ^^