Monday, April 01, 2013

you're welcome

Don't thank me
for the tears I cried
over you.

(you may have noticed
how puffy my eyes are)

Don't thank me
for cleaning up your mess
when you broke my heart.

(by the way,
I need that piece back)

Don't thank me
for smiling
when I see you.

(it's only because
I can't help it)

Don't thank me
for moving on
to him.

(he has your eyes

They are all mine.)

Thank you.


  1. I definitely love your poetry. The parenthesis remind me of the way Tahereh Mafi used strikeouts for inner monologue in her books.

    1. Oooh, strikeouts are a wondrous idea. Original, I think.

      Really though, I don't know if those sentences are inner monologue or not. In my mind, they were more there to show that she wasn't as confident as she appeared.