Sunday, April 21, 2013

and... her iv.

every night
when you
say good night
and I say
it back
I lie
because then it
isn't anymore


  1. Are you angry at some one? :)

    This sounds like something I would have liked to say to my mother when I was a teen. After she hurt me. Or it could be to my husband but I have rule with him never to go to bed angry. :)

    Take good care. The poem obviously spoke to me.

    1. lol No. I'm not angry. I'm not sure you saw the poem in the same light as I did, but I always find it so interesting to hear what others imagine when they read my poems. :)

  2. ka dukh zarur rhega Jaise divar me se keel nikal dene ke play bazaar babzood nishan rhe jata hai. Kbhi kisikadilmat dukhao, satta kinigkyuki mafi mangne ke babjud use is baat.