Wednesday, May 09, 2012

YA Interview Vlog Series

I mentioned in one of my previous posts I had an idea for a new vlog series. This series encompasses a number of interviews with my friends about their favorite and least favorite genre, books, characters, etc. I am hoping that this series will be instrumental to YA writers by giving them a special kind of insight into their audience.

Here is the first installment that I posted on my YouTube channel last month. This is Jessica.

Please remember that different people have various personalities which greatly influence their likes and dislikes. Jessica is a very humorous and happy person (in case you couldn't tell) and her opinions reflect that. I plan to interview many different individuals to give everyone the widest spectrum possible. I suggest you subscribe to my channel if you want instant updates on new videos in this series.

Also, please note that Jessica's opinions do not necessarily reflect my own.


  1. Just a little criticism, but the audio on this piece is really terrible. Maybe you need a better microphone or something. You came in loud and clear. The audio from your friend though is where the improvement needs to be made.

    1. Ah, yes. I was afraid this was going to be a problem. I think I sat too far away and then she was kind of self conscious so she wasn't speaking as loud. I didn't know how ti fix it.