Sunday, April 01, 2012

NYR Update - 3 Months

I am no longer going to comment on how quickly the months go by (and no, I didn't just comment on it) because I have discovered it is not an unusual occurrence. Time is like a runner that never has to stop to eat, drink, or sleep. Only to catch its breathe once in a while. Right now it is running full speed ahead. I'm just hitching a piggy back ride while I stop to evaluate my progress.
  1. I will have THINKING OF YOU ready for query. I made the first round of revision out of two for chapter four.
  2. I will have two new first drafts. I decided on the MC's name for my untitled princess clone fantasy/sci fi: Zoie. I started the notes (aka my version of planning) for my untitled marriage dystopian. This includes making a list for possible MC names.
  3. I will win National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). NA
  4. I will submit at least two short stories to anthologies and/or contests. On March 15th, I submitted a story to the “Imagination begins with you…” - Annual High School Short Story Contest.
  5. I will read at least one hundred books. I read ten books and started three others. Goodreads says I am one book behind.
  6. I will post at least one vlog a month. I posted the vlog that was originally intended for February. I came up with a new idea for a vlog series.
  7. I will exercise in some way once a week. The first week (March 4-10) I ran once for twenty minutes. The second week (March 11-17) I ran once for thirty minutes. The fourth week I ran twice for thirty minutes. For all of week one and half of week two I practiced my musical's choreography every week day. There were also three runs sometime before the 17th that I did not record exact dates and times for.
I still have not tried the two techniques I have previously mentioned which were a) unplug for a week each month to focus on writing and b) use lists of short term goals to motivate myself. A, because I have not been able to. Nor will I be able to until May. B, simply because I forgot about it. I'm going to write myself a note and stick it somewhere I can see it.

Many of you are participating in the A to Z Challenge this month. I am not, but I'm still posting every day in April to complete one of my goals. Anyone else doing NaPoWriMo?


  1. I can't wait until you're querying - I know things are going to go well for you. You are very talented. (and ambitious!) What musical are you in?

    1. Ah, thank you, Laura. ^^ It is definitely going to be some time before that happens but it's nice to know I'm believed in.

      I was in a production of Welcome to Bedside Manor. It's over now though. Our last performance was the 13th.

  2. Good luck to you on your adventures, I can't wait to hear the news on day that one of your novels has been accepted for publication.