Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hot Air Balloon

my escape
my temptation
it hurts
to do
the right thing
was hard
was easy
releasing the rope
without me inside
I sent it away
wishing it would stay


  1. Yeah there is tremendous loss in here. Metaphorically speaking, it sounds like "tough love". The kind of poem a mother might wright about a child that she needs to kick out of the house.

    1. I view it more as sacrifice than tough love, but I see how you can get that tough vibe. Plus, you don't know the whole story that's going on in my head.

      I'm also surprised you didn't see the "trick" I used in this one. But then, I guess most wouldn't think about it and it's not that obvious.

  2. I get the sense of a toxic relationship. It's better that they are apart, but it hurts not to be together.

    1. See, this is why poetry (and all writing in general, I guess) is amazing. I saw one thing when I wrote it and you saw an entirely different thing when you read it. And I can totally understand how you saw that.