Thursday, April 26, 2012

Her Requests

an angel came down from heaven
and stole a woman off the Earth

he said:
“You are the most beautiful.”

she said:
“Let me be ugly.”

he said:
“You have the sweetest of voices.”

she said:
“Allow me to croak like a toad.”

he said:
“You are more graceful than anyone.”

she said:
“Turn my right foot left.”

he said:
“You are the wittiest of mankind.”

she said:
“Make me less thoughtful than a stone.”

he said:
“You will live beyond anyone.”

she said:
“Kill me now.”

the angel fulfilled each of her requests

all humans lost their divine features
so she could be ugly and yet beautiful

all the voices of humanity soured
so she could croak yet sing

the world’s dancing became crude
so she could be clumsy yet graceful

all humans became stupid
so she could be thoughtless yet smart

life expectancy dropped
so she could die yet be aged

the woman went back to Earth
and remained heavenly