Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Really

stand her up against the wall
to show her denying face
back up the camera
we want to capture the cell phone
chained to her wrist
amp up the lights
won’t the black outline
against the wall look good?
now stand perfectly still, darling
we want a good shot
bring the other camera in closer
no, the other camera
ah, perfect
are we ready? yes?
good and action

she parts her lips
in a big bright smile
“really I don’t need
him anymore”

switch cameras
switch cameras

she glances down at her wrist
bites her lip
clenches her fist
making the phone sway
its shadow swinging exaggeratingly

now let’s do it one more time


  1. Is this poem about the need or craving for attention, yet denying that you need that craving and attention?

    1. Hmm... perhaps it is just a little bit. But mostly it's about getting over a relationship. Trying to forget him, and telling yourself you have, but still clinging to the phone hoping he might call.