Wednesday, April 04, 2012


a balloon
i t s s k i n s t r e t c h e d t h i n
over the air inside

first pebble falls,
b o u n c e s a w a y

second, third
fall, hit, bounce
pitter-pattering a c r o s s t h e f l o o r

and then they pour
unstoppable pounding
against the struggling balloon

until the p l a s t i c
just can’t t a k e it
anym o r e

a n d i t

b u r s t s

the air escapes
but it doesn't matter anymore
not as much as








lying all across the floor


  1. I really like this poem. You stretch out the spacing in the words to simulate the stretch of the balloon. That's brilliant. I also like how you use "across the floor" twice. But in one instance it is stretched out. And in the last sentence, it is so concise that it rings with finality. I think you should do a book of poetry. Perhaps with illustrations.

    1. I will take credit for the brilliance. Not so much for the "across the floor" bit. That was an accident. XD Well... maybe. You do have the reason why I stretched and then didn't stretch it out right. I just didn't realize I used the exact same phrase twice.

      As for the book, maybe I should. Though I couldn't be the one to illustrate it. I can draw. I just can't visualize. I have to see what I'm drawing in order to draw it. You can see how that might be an issue.

  2. This is powerful. What a contrast between the balloon and shards.