Thursday, February 17, 2011


Smooth under my sensitive fingertips
Dark ebony tones pleasing to the eye
Grains that swirl together like chocolate
Endless pockets to store and hide secrets

A masterpiece from the depths of
a novel,
a fairytale,
a dream

Craftsmanship fit for the gods

So what do you think it's about? I think it's about a desk (yeah, I'm nerdy). I also think I've grown to like writing poems that no one can figure out. (My mom finished reading it: "So what's it about?") It makes me feel smart because I know already. It took me a lot of thinking to get this poem just right (even without using the word desk) and I'm proud of it. It's short (like someone I know) but I don't mind. It's just like it's supposed to be, and that, is that.

P.S. There sure are a lot of parentheses in that post, aren't there? (Sure are.)


  1. Hey nothing wring with nerdy. They sure beat the hell out of boring and 'trying to fit in'


    Like the chocolate line. I must be hungry

    Happy crusading


  2. I'm actually not really a chocolate person. Though I won't turn down Reese's, KitKat's, or Crunch bars (notice how these are all mixed with something else). The only straight chocolate I like is Tootsie Rolls and occasionally some dark Hershey's (has to be dark though).

  3. I thought of a computer minus the grain. All this chocolate talk has me hungry lol.

  4. Ebony. Such a pretty word. ^__^ I liked it! The "all for me" line made me think the poem was about you and your books. Guess I was wrong. :3

  5. @Kerri A computer makes sense. lol -hands candy bar-

    @Madeline lol That makes complete sense. Those lines would describe my bookshelves. Except perhaps the pocket line. Hmm...

  6. Hello fellow crusader! I love them parenthesis! ;)
    You, a nerd? Naw, just passionate. This world loves ya!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  7. Lol! There's noting wrong with nerdy.

    I guessed the same thing Madeline did at first--a bookshelf or something like that. But the pocket line sort of threw me off. (Also, after that chocolate line, I had to get up and get a Snickers bar. lol)

  8. Hi, Brooke,

    I hopped over from Rach's list to introduce myself and follow.

    Today the first challenge was posted.... YAH!


    February 18, 2011 2:40 PM

  9. @Kristina Nerdy rocks. You should see my bookshelves; they're beautiful. I think I have a picture in an old blog post. Somewhere...

    @Michael Well, it's nice to meet you. ^^ I'm Brooke (though I guess you already knew that) since we're introducing ourselves.

  10. I think you did a phenomenal job describing it without saying the word. It is really well done. Fellow crusader and follower stopping by and enjoying your blog.

  11. Thank you very much. ^^ I'm glad to know I pulled it off.