Thursday, January 20, 2011


Your face
her face
his face
that face
the face

stare up at me

Sharp angles
round edges

make up all the

that surround me


shake and mix

and make

my face

I decided to set the post up this way, see how I liked it. And actually I like this way better. It makes the main idea of the post, the poem, seem more dominant. Speaking of the poem, as you probably guessed, this one is about faces. I sort of imagine it from the view of someone on stage. They're looking around at the audience and the other performers. They're feeling many things: nervous, excited, doubtful, confident; and it's all showing on their face.

I also have some other news relating to my poetry. The other day I got an email telling me that I had gotten my first rating for my poem, Orphan Questions, on Teen Ink. I was disappointed to find it was two out of five stars. This is my only rating so far and only 14 people have viewed my poem. I need to put myself out in the Teen Ink community more: get some more ratings and maybe even a few comments, post a few more of my newer poems, critique others (seeing as that was one of my New Year's resolutions and I haven't done anything for it yet!).

I have managed to accomplish something positive however. I made the poem I posted two weeks ago, Cast it Aside, into a slideshow type video on YouTube. It's not the best quality but I'm still really happy I managed to figure out how to do it (I get so excited over little things like this XD). I thought you might like to see it. ^^


  1. I like the poem. ^__^ It made me think of those giant pictures made up of tinier pictures of people's faces. That interpretation was off. xD

    What kind of crazy person would only give you two out of three stars? Heh heh, you'll get more views and tons of more stars, don't worry. :D

  2. I can relate to your poem because I was up on stage in front of my class today and well - I got stage fright.

    I agree with Madeline. Seriously???

  3. Yeah, I don't know who it was or anything. Maybe I just posted the wrong poem. And it was two out of five. -sigh- Makes it so much worse.

  4. Eh. Don't let it get to you. There are so many people who know you are better than that. And hopefully their opinions matter more than one anonymousness online dude. ^__^ Right?