Thursday, November 04, 2010

10k Landmark Reached

You read right, I have reached the 10,000 word mark, and it's only the fourth day! This makes me so happy because last year at this point I was only at 4 maybe 5 thousand. That's a great improvement as Josh said. I'm making a lot of great improvements lately, and not just in writing.

Today was our first Academic Team meet, and my team came out on top with an undefeated score and a total point count of 630. It's amazing and makes me so excited as I actually got to help us get there unlike in previous years where I pretty much just sat and watched the whole thing. I played for the whole time for all three games and I must say I did great. This really lifted me up (the two cans of Coke may have also had a part in it) and I got home ready to type up the words for the day and write however much more I needed to get to 10k. That's what you're seeing in today's picture.

Don't I look so intent? It makes me so proud of myself and I believe that that is great for my writing. It allows me to write much faster and possibly even a little better (though it's NaNo so that's not really that important at the moment). Also, if you missed yesterday's picture check out the sidebar under NaNoWriMo. I decided to post all my pictures for the month there in miniature form. If you want to see the full size version just drag and drop the miniature in the URL slot-thingie.

I have a treat for your guys as well. Since I unintentionally started Poetry Peak a little early I know you may be a little disappointed about missing it this week (ha, I wish). So, even though I didn't write a poem, I do have this cool video for you to watch that my English teacher showed me. This poem that it's showing is amazing. Maybe I should try something like it sometime. Of course, not during November.

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