Thursday, October 10, 2013

Productivity for the Win!

21 days until National Novel Writing Month

My NaNo is beginning to come together. A cast of characters has manifested and just thinking about their relationships makes excitement flutter in my chest. Prominent settings have been established. I also have the thinnest thread of a plot. And when I say thin, I mean nearly invisible. But at least there's something.

Planning isn't the only thing I've made progress on this week either. I have also added about another 1500 words to OBJECTION, putting it at a little over 45k. While this is great progress and makes me very happy, I think I'm going to have to alter my pre-NaNo goal. With everything I am trying to accomplish before November gets here, finishing the first draft of OBJECTION seems too ambitious. I am now aiming for at least 50k by October 31st. If I get farther than that, great. If not, I will have still made substantial progress.

That's not even the end to the good news. Recently, I've begun working with a new critique partner. This exchange has prompted me to take another step in my revisions of THINKING OF YOU. I completed the transfer to Scrivener and reordered the scenes to fit my new plot line. This is a big step because I can now see what I need to work on in an organized layout and tackle each task one at a time.

Overall, I am quite pleased with what I have managed to accomplish in my writing so far this week. I've gotten more done than I have in quite a while. This aura of productivity is the perfect lead in to NaNo.

What achievements, big or small, have you reached this week?


  1. Wow, you are busy! And it's great to hear. Makes me want to get back to my previously totally busy ways. I'm getting there, very slowly. :)

    Have fun with NaNo! I'm doing it as well.

    1. I'm getting there slowly as well. This productivity is such a rare achievement I had to blog about it. lol

      Yay! What is your novel about this year?

  2. I wish you lived around here because I need more people for my little writing group that meets once a month at my friend's home. I think you'd be just perfect for it.

    1. Why's that? I do wish I lived closer to more writers. I feel kind of lonely here. lol