Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birth of a Novel 2012 - Objection Completion #4

I fail. Well, depending on your definition of "fail." I didn't complete any of my set goals this week. However, that's not to say that I didn't do anything. In fact, I feel like I did quite a lot.

I put my "shelving" binders together for ROYALLY BURNED; FOREVER, FROG; and AFTER AUSTIN. I even made a whole video about it (seen at the bottom of this post).

I finished labeling all of my posts so my blog is "perfect." Everything is in order and my brain is completely at ease.

School is in order and I feel as if I'm ready for my semester tests. I'll be getting my PSAT results any day now!

Even though I did all of these things and I'm proud to have accomplished them, I still feel kind of guilty about not completing my goals. The whole time I was working on all of these other things, the worry about not doing what I said I would niggled at me. And I didn't like it.

So. I've reached a decision.

I already planned on stopping Birth of a Novel at the beginning of the new year since I have a new goal setting system I want to try. Now though, I think this is a better stopping point.

The rest of December is for friends and family and fun. I have my best friends' birthday party to go to this weekend. Then Christmas. Then laziness because I won't be in school. ;) I don't want to be worrying about specific goals, especially since I have a habit of setting them too high. I want to enjoy the season.

I leave you with this, my last Birth of a Novel wrap-up.

    Last week's goals:
  1. Reach 37k on OBJECTION before I go to bed on Sunday. Didn't get to at all.
  2. Reach 40k on OBJECTION by next week's BoaN post. I did actually make some progress on OBJECTION. Yesterday I managed to get to 32,393 words.
  3. I will do jumping jacks for the duration of three minutes every day. I am proud to report that I completed my three minutes on Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday.

This is the song I do my jumping jacks to.

This is my shelving vlog.


  1. Interesting that you're using your phone for the vlog. I like the color scheme in your room. The wall looks like it's a color that very tranquil.

    Good of you to let the one project go. You can always revisit it later.

    You should use Microsoft One Note to organize all of your notes for Forever Frog and After Austin. One Note is easy, and would give you access to all of your notes on any computer in the world that has internet and MS Word installed.

    Plus if you do any research online, you can just click on an article or website and it stores it in one note as a note.

    1. I've done previous vlogs with my phone, but my hand is usually too shaky. :/ Thank you! I actually have two different shades of purple on my walls. Two are dark and two are light.

      For my notes, I tend to be more physical so I'm not too sure how a program like that would work for me.

  2. I'm feeling a similar way about 2013 - I think I'm going to be a lot looser with the sorts of goals I set myself. This year was a struggle a lot of the time. ;)

    1. That's great for you, Trisha. Glad to see you're doing what's right for you. :)

      For me, this is my break before the hard core 2013. XD

  3. I hope you were happy with your PSAT grades. Standardized tests have always been stressful to me. I feel bad when my students have to take them too.

    1. Actually, I'm pretty good at standardized tests. They don't stress me at all.

      And I made a 204, thanks for asking. :)