Monday, April 25, 2011

Jail Time

daydream about what it will be like, what it will feel like when
The                        The                        The                        The
sound                     grunt                      sun                         air
of                            from                       shines                    that
my                          the                         straight                    is
footsteps                guard                     down                      owned
follows                   gives                      on                           by
me                          me                        me,                         (me)
down                      the                        escape-                   the
that                         go                         proof                      free
booming-               ahead                     walls                       fills
with-                      and                        absent                     my
curse-                    doors                     from                       lungs
words                    swoosh                  bodyguard              like
hall                         open                      duty                       home
they tell me it will never happen, not if I live to a hundred


  1. Your subjects are so diverse. I like that you can step inside so many different people's shoes. And I love that you've created a window with bars. You have a way with concrete poetry.

    I'm linking your blog on Facebook.

  2. Ah, thank you. ^^ I appreciate it.

    I actually just started experimenting with concrete poetry this month so I appreciate the compliment.

    I've always been able to step in others shoes. It may possibly have to do with all the books I read. You never know what's going on in the other person's head and books show me that.