Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mother Nature

Tomorrow is National Novel Writing Month!

It's officially Halloween though I finished trick-or-treating about five hours ago. It's 12:50 AM at the moment and I've barely eaten any candy, which makes me not being very tired even more amazing (I have anemia meaning I get tired easily). I did have two cans of soda, though, which may have contributed. What does all of this have to do with anything? Nothing much, really, except that it means I'll be posting the poem (yes, I wrote it) that inspired my costume.

Mother Nature

Rarely seen
No one knows
Photos are non-existent
Not even legends are told
But she’s there
Hiding among the trees
Wearing their fallen leaves and buds

Chipmunks chatter to her
She laughs at their jokes
The twinkling sound of her joy
Repeated by the bluebirds
She runs with the solves
Howling to the moon as her feet pound the ground
Footprints marking the place of future rabbit homes

The fairy-folk dance with her
On Mid-summer’s Eve
Kicking up their heels
To the music
Played by mice on their whiskers

She weaves her hair
Lining for burrows
Soon to be filled with babes
Her touch brings new life
Green stems from dead branches
Her anger, though, can wreck havoc
The clouds grow dark with her thoughts
Her shouts rumble through the ground
And her tears of frustration raise waterlines
The animals hide
Waiting for this storm to pass
As we do the same

She is rarely seen
No one knows of the power she holds
Photos of her are non-existent
Not even legends are told about her
Her beauty, her power, her existence
She hides
No other name is her’s but
Mother Nature

I won't say it's one of my early poems, but it's not one of my newest poems either. It's somewhere in the middle. I actually think I did pretty good for back then. What do you think? I would really love to know.

Another thing that is related to Halloween is I finally have a picture for my profile (though it's not up yet). You'll get to see me and a few of my friends in costume (plus a couple of my friends who aren't). I've been taking a few more pictures lately which has sparked the idea to have someone take a picture of me writing for everyday of NaNo. Of course, I'll have to use my mom's little thing that you put the SD card in to plug it into the computer so they may not all go up on the correct dates but I'll try my hardest.

P.S. It's now 1:11 AM which means that my post typing time is getting shorter. Huzzah!

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