Thursday, October 28, 2010

City in the Sky

3 days until National Novel Writing Month

So as promised I wrote a poem about my short story series idea. I'm going to have to think of a name for that soon, I don't like just calling it the 'short story series'. It sounds very impersonal. I do have to admit that I thought about writing about something else while I was on my OU field trip (which, if you were wondering, wasn't that bad though it started to get boring after a while and my legs started to hurt after walking around for two hours, I got some great pictures though ^^) but strangely I forgot what it was. It's really kind of disappointing. I have a pretty good poem anyway.

City in the Sky

Feet are stable
firmly planted

Clouds float around
heads filled with fluff

Balloons holding, keeping
a town high in the big blue sky

What dwells below hovering boardwalks
is neither known nor cared much about

Yet there is one boy who
sits and ponders this mystery

He dazes down upon
the ground and wonders

What treasures
lie below us?

I like how I did the format of this poem, though I didn't think to do it like this on purpose until the third stanza. I hope this gives you a clearer idea of my idea. I even hope it gave me a clearer idea. This project should start during December. This will also be my last Poetry Peak until then. Here's to hoping the waiting will be worth it.

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