Sunday, October 17, 2010


14 days until National Novel Writing Month

I haven't done much toward planning, there hasn't really been much I can do. Mostly I've been reading. I finished the first section of No Plot? No Problem! and I'm about halfway through May Bird Warrior Princess. I'm planning to finish the latter pretty soon, originally I meant to do it today but I don't know if I'll be able to now.

Even though planning has pretty much come to a standstill I have accomplished a few things in the past week. I have another character to throw into the mix and I've rewritten my synopsis to be more descriptive of what's actually going on in the novel. I thought I would go ahead and post both of them today. I would like some comments on this because I'm not really that good at writing summaries.

Rebbsie Taylor is one of the most dangerous fugitives in the world according to the United States government. She's the only one who knows about the Waves, because she is one. She's the only one who knows about the teams, because she was in one. She's the only one who knows how the government killed them, because she survived.

But they know about her too. They know how her waves manipulate thoughts, and how to protect themselves from them. They know about her slight mental instability and how to use it to their advantage. What they don't know is what she's planning. 

Inside a building called the Enclosure are rooms full of Wave children of all ages. Experiments are performed on them, making some disfigured and handicapped. They are her target.

Getting them out is going to be tough, maybe even impossible. How could they all possibly sneak past the motion detectors and countless guards unseen and undetected? This is her mission. 

It could be her last.

I know the last line sounds kind of clique but I couldn't think of anything else to wrap it up. As I said I'm lousy at these. This is actually pretty good for me. I think that's almost pathetic. Good thing I'm better at actual writing or my career might already be down the tubes. And here's my newest darling.

Vincent Nodding:
He manipulates diseases. During one of the experiments performed on him, the scientists caused him to have echoes. He contracted NF which took over his face and other parts of his body. Being very vain, this greatly upset him. He has sworn revenge. He is very bright so who knows what he'll come up with.

I put a link in there so you could check out what NF is. This man's website is very inspiring and very truthful. It's amazing what some people have to go through. I highly suggest checking it out.


  1. Brooke- I have some questions for you about your novel. Firstly- how is Relic being deceived? Is it because he doesn't know he's doing the wrong thing? Secondly- What were Waves being employed by the government to do? I know I might be asking questions which will be answered later on, but I'm curious!

  2. Yes, Relic doesn't know what they do to the kids once he finds them for them. (Did that make sense?) The Waves were basically a part of the army. They would assassinate major generals of their enemies or break into secret labs, that sort of thing. The government partially did this to keep control of the Waves.

  3. Thanks Brooke!
    Also, is Vincent a Wave?

  4. Sounds great, Brooke. I checked out that man's blog and it was really inspiring. I feel so sorry for him the way people have picked on him and judged him just for the way he looks though.