Thursday, October 21, 2010

How You Loved

10 days until National Novel Writing Month

It's Fall Break which means I don't have to go back to school until Monday. Which means I should be doing the various chores that pertain to my pets. Which means I'm doing nothing. So I wrote a poem. Which means I started Poetry Peak a little early. Officially, I guess that means Poetry Peak will be on Thursdays from now on. That's sort of nice as nothing interesting happens on Thursday, well, except my sister's soccer practice. Also, as is probably already evident, it won't be going on during November. Let's get on to the actual poem, shall we?

How You Loved

Rows upon rows of
f l o w e r s
Waving in the April breeze
Bright shades of
yellow, red, blue, purple

They can't
bring you back
Not to me
Not to your family
Not to your country

So why do I stare at them?

The tombstone,
your tombstone,
says the same thing
every single time
I dare to glance at it

The words won't
change with my wishes
taking away that horrible date
April 3, 2010
When you became trapped

So why can I not look away?

Fresh turned dirt
squelches between
my bare toes
The dirt
you died for

Bending down
I pick up a handful
It's cool and warn
and smells nice
Like you used to

So why did I not see how you loved it more?

than me

I got this idea yesterday as I was listening to my radio. Usually, I'm not good at getting inspiration for poems from songs as the song's lyrics are the only lines that come to mind and that just won't do, for obvious reasons. But this one turned out great, and original, so it worked out fine.

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