Tuesday, October 12, 2010

May Bird Among the Stars

Pages: 260

So four days for this one, though it was slightly shorter. I guess it's not that bad. I have a little more time to read these books now because I went ahead and took one of the books off my list for this month (this is partially because I finally got a copy of No Plot? No Problem! and I really want to read it). With this book, even though I've read it before, I remember nothing. I don't even think I would remember the main characters if I hadn't just read the first book in the series. It was kind of like I was learning everything all over again. It was sort of nice.

In this second installment of the series, a few of the loose ends are tied up. Beatrice finds her mother (pg. 201), May finally makes it to North Farm (pg.113), and Lucius is rescued (chp. 28). There are also some that aren't. May hasn't saved the realm from Evil Bo Cleevil yet. The spirits still expect her to save them as is stated in The Lady of North Farm's letter on the last page. And don't forget, we still need you. Don't forget us. It also may suggest that May is going to go back to the Ever After in the next book. The line: The trees missed it completely. Right then their attention was turned in another direction, upward, toward a star that was growing dim; suggests that the Ever After is in dire trouble. And who is brave enough to save it besides May? It makes you wonder.

The world of the Ever After is very detailed from modes of communication to the types of spirits who happen to be floating about. It's an intriguing place that you might want to visit, during a time when it's not being ruled by an evil dictator, of course. It's a world where noogies scare away evil spirits and goblins love to go shopping. Where your only job is to go to Earth and sit in people's houses and watch, or haunt as they say. It's wonderful and slightly scary. Every kid's wonderland and worst nightmare. How someone thinks up something like this is beyond me, let's hope Ms. Anderson's creativity continues.

The few flaws that were in the first book do not seem to be in the sequel. There are no funny word choices, the story flows smoothly, making it easy to read. Many book series seem to get better as they continue, and this one is no exception. It is always wonderful to see writers improve.

Overall, I continue to recommend this book series. May Bird is a great main character that changes as all good characters should. All the other characters have their own quirks and personalities. The setting is portrayed exactly right and the plot is a steady flow, keeping you interested. A book to be admired.

The next book along the Reading Trail? May Bird Warrior Princess by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

(19 days until National Novel Writing Month)

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