Monday, November 01, 2010

Victory from the Start

Word Count: 3,006 words

I am feeling awesome right now! I wrote more words so far today then I have during any other day of my life. Maybe that's kind of sad but it's a great achievement for me. (Plus according to the YWP site I'm already 6.01% done!) This also means I'm already almost a whole day ahead (I might actually be if I get to writing now, I have about an hour before I need to get ready for bed).

I sent out a text to most of my contacts informing them I reached this goal. Some of the responses were pretty funny (I'm still waiting for about four people to reply) so I thought I would share them with you.

Josh: Kewl (There he goes with his text talk again. -rolls eyes-)

Christine: That is awesome!

Katie: What is NaNo? (How on Earth does she not know? I couldn't have forgotten to tell her, could I?)

Rylie: Thats great i guess! But whats nana?! (Nana? Really Rylie? At least you used punctuation.)

Allie: HOLY MOLY BROOKE (Yeah, she actually sent it in all caps.)

Nick: Holy Shit (Ha! I'm so awesome he had to resort to profanity. XD)

Lizzie: Go yo u!!! (Now your typo shall forever be remembered. Mwahahaha! Love you.)

Nana:  Wow! that's lot of writing. sounds lke it is going well (When I was typing the name I accidentally posted NaNo at first. XD)

Such were the first responses of my friends and family. It made me almost float on air. Along with all of the awesome youtube-found songs I've been listening to lately. When I have time to figure out how to post them in a post I'll do that. Hopefully, that will be soon because one of them is actually about NaNo. How awesome is that? Another thing that is awesome is this:

Courteous of the great Lizzie this is my November 1st picture. Don't I look just so writerly?


  1. Katie, Rylie, Allie, and Nick's made me literally laugh out loud. I wish I could participate in NaNo this year, but since I learned about it too late, I'll be doing it next year. *sigh*

  2. lol Thank you Brooke for forever posting my typo. Oh ha I used punctuation what do you have to say about that. Anyways I love you too buddy.
    Love Liz

  3. That's kind of amazing, we both wrote the same exact amount the first day! Haha, small world =)

  4. Wow, this is the most comments I've gotten on a single post so far where none of them were written by me.

    Look on the bright side, Izzy. You'll have plenty of time to think of a good idea.

    You just used a period when there should be a question mark. XD It's okay, buddy, I know you know how to be grammatically correct (maybe...).

    Hi, Hildred. ^^ Did I ever thank you for being my first Follower? Don't think I do so... Thank you for being my first Follower. :)

    I'm sure you'll catch up to me soon, Phoenix. In the meantime, I have words to type!

  5. Yep... I'm also very busy because we've already started prepping for Christmas. XD