Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Poppy Ideas

In one of my old writing journals (which I call Cylic's Book One, don't really know why) I once said that I had 'poppy' ideas. Meaning they just seemed to pop into my head for no particular reason. I found I have most of these while I'm in the shower. It feels great, because I know when I get one, I'm about to get like five more. That is what happened today.

I have so many new ideas for The Switchers that I think I may just explode. Well, really, that's how I felt just before I wrote them down. I'm feeling slightly more relaxed now. I'm so glad that I got ideas for all three books, since I didn't know as much of what was going on in the third book as I did in the first two. Speaking of the first two, I have both of those summaries up now, so go check them out.

My world is starting to expand. People are starting to have motives, and more complicated problems, if that's possible. It's amazing. My writing is sort of smoothing out, and coming a little faster. The scene I'm writing currently isn't really helping with that though. I have to be very cautious writing it; I feel like it's very important. Everything is very important, it seems. I'm planning on making a huge outline of all three books to help determine the important things from the non-important, soon.

An update on Harry Potter real fast, as well. You know what has always bugged me about the cover of the second book? The spiders aren't on it! For some reason, I always had it in my head that on the back, where the cat is standing in the window, should be a trail of spiders. I mean, they are a big part of the story, don't they deserve some cover space?  I know, it's a miracle, I have found a complaint about Harry Potter. There's also a bit of happiness, too. I completely forgot that Nearless Headless Nick's (who, by the way, is a character I absolutely love) deathday party is in this book. For some reason I was thinking it was in the sixth book, where Harry takes Luna, but then I remembered that that is Slughorn's (I think that was his name) party. XD Oops.

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  1. Yeah, I keep thinking that the Deathday party is in the sixth instead of the second. It's odd.