Saturday, November 20, 2010

Slowly but Surely

Yesterday, I started in on the rewrite again. I only wrote about a paragraph and a half, but it wasn't that bad. Today I've written another two paragraphs so far. I'm being very careful to make sure I get the words right. I want to make sure my NaNo mode isn't sneaking in. Something else is troubling me as well. Thinking of You is in a slightly different style than The Lullaby, being in first person and all. Things that Rebbsie thinks are starting to creep into my mind. For instance, the millions of questions she's always asking. Another thing is how her thoughts are just spoken as they are thought (i.e. "No one ever wants to die, dipshit."). I usually don't do that very often in third person writing, but today I have been wanting to. So I've been moving (very) slowly but surely onwards. Here's the last paragraph I wrote. I would like feedback on whether or not it goes along with the other excerpts from The Lullaby.
He reached for the doorknob. There was no more time for indecision. They could notice he was gone at any time. Then they would come looking, and when they found him, they would know. Know that he was trying to leave, know that he was going to the place that they feared most, and they would not know why. The worst would be assumed and then he did not know what would happen to him. He dreaded even thinking of it.

Between writing that and finishing Thinking of You, I was not completely dormant. I did get something done, even if it wasn't exactly writing. Planning is just as important. Well, for me anyway. I wrote out all of the main conflicts for all of my books, plus came up with titles. It only took me two days. which somehow gives me this weird feeling, like I didn't do it right because I did it so quickly. I like all of the titles I came up with, though, and my conflicts aren't that bad. They just need to be fleshed out a tad. You can see all the titles under the tabs at the top, I just need to get to work on the summaries (speaking of summaries, I apologize for my lack of talent in writing them). Keep checking back, though I'll probably tell you when I post one anyway.

For our Harry Potter tidbit of the day, I'm still working on the Sorcerer's Stone because I'm slow (and I've been playing Pokemon like all day, I'm such a nerd). I'm reliving all of it. Half the time I know what's about to come next but I love reading it anyway. I can hear their voices from the movie, from where they said the exact line that I'm reading. And you know what else is awesome? I memorized the inscription on the second set of doors at Gringotts. I would post it in case you don't know it, but I'm not entirely sure that I'm allowed to do that. Copyright laws, you know.


  1. Haha. I've been reading the summaries of Harry Potter and watching the movies. XD What page are you on?

  2. This is going to sound extremely lame, but... 177. I'm a failure. XD