Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I Will Think in the Terms of Half Full, I Will!

I got to 25,089 and that is great, I'm halfway through. That also means I have to do everything I just did, all over again. It's kind of scary when you think about it that way, as if the cup is half empty. I have determined, though, to look at it as if it were half full. It's kind of hard to do that at times but I must or I might just stop and that would not do!

Something that has put me in a little bit of a downside mindset, I think, is the chapter on Week Two in No Plot? No Problem! It makes it sound like you automatically won't feel like writing in Week Two, like you'll run out of steam and feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. I don't really think that's the way to look at it. I know it still encourages you to write anyway, but it makes you sort of think you have to feel down to get into the real NaNoWriMo spirit. I guess the power of suggestion is strong because after reading that I didn't really feel like writing all that much. I didn't let that stop me though.

I've also decided that for pictures I'll just make sure to have seven a week and thirty by the end of the month. It's easier that way, for me. I won't have to remember to take a picture everyday. I've also decided that the pictures can be of anything pertaining to NaNo (meaning it tells the story of my NaNo experience) not just pictures of me writing because that gets a little boring after a while, you can only stand so much of seeing me. XD I've been making lots of changes to this feature but it's better like this. It's easier anyway.


  1. Heh, good old week two, right?

    Well, whether Chris Baty has subtly corrupted you with his doom and gloom tales of thunderstorms and writing angst, things do get better. They get especially better for people who, like you are nearly a full week ahead of schedule.

    Week two doesn't have to be about how much writing sucks though. I'm sure not letting myself get into that mindset this year. Week two for me this year is that fun part of my novel where I get to start playing in the sandbox and trying different things to see what works. It's all very exciting.

  2. Yes, you're right and that's how I'm trying to see it. I'm just running out of steam, but I will proceed onwards and I will conquer!

    Thanks for commenting by the way. ^^