Monday, November 15, 2010

Returning to Normal

The only thing that I think has changed since I finished Thinking of You (you know besides finishing Thinking of You) is that I now listen to some kind of music that is not country related. The only thing that I think I gave up and now am extremely glad to have back, is reading. How I missed thee. I'm already back to it, one day after my great task has been completed. Things are back to normal, or getting there.

I have considered writing another novel this month, to go along with my Nano, I even have a title, point of view, and a main conflict picked out. I thought I had a last line (I need to have this ready or the story will never end) but I think I may have forgotten it. Darn. The idea has been vetoed though, I think. I just don't really feel like writing another one. Not that NaNo really felt like a hassle (amazing, huh?) but I think my brain is tired out. Plus, I still have The Lullaby to rewrite, a short story series to start (I'm thinking of calling it just 'City in the Sky'), a poetry project I want to try (I won't tell you much now, but I will say that it has to do with the alphabet), and a new series I'm making out of a really old novel (never completed) of mine. I'm going to be very busy and it may not all turn out well, but hey, as this quote I found by Stanley Tucci  says, "If you find that thing you love, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you do it well or not - you just need to do it." I promise to make a list in the sidebar so you can keep up with me. Here's to hoping that there will be stuff to keep up with.

Speaking of the sidebar, I have decided to take down the NaNo part, including the pictures. I know there are still days left in the month but since the actual writing part is over I don't think anything else would be very interesting or worth taking pictures of. I am however posting my 'victory' pictures in this post so that they will be always be available to see.

I really think these were the best ones anyway. They show the most about my adventure. After this one I don't really know where I'm at on the mountain. My first ledge was to rewrite The Lullaby, so it's actually worth reading but now I've written another novel that may not need a complete rewrite (thank goodness) but will still need a lot of editing. How about we say that the first ledge is just bigger now? I can rest on it longer that way. XD Really, though, I think that's how I should put it. The first part of the ledge will be the rewrite then to scoot along it I have to edit Thinking of You. It sounds good to me. Here's to hoping it looks that way to you, too.

As for rewriting The Lullaby, I haven't started work on that just yet. I'm waiting to make sure I'm completely out of the NaNoWriMo mind set. I'm writing a second, better, draft now, not a first draft. I don't want to start writing like I'm still at the beginning and just getting it on paper. So I'll wait a week or two. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I start on it again, though.

And for the last order of the day, you may have noticed the extra links in the navigation bar. They're still slightly under construction but those two pages are each dedicated to a different series that I'm working on. You can find novel synopsizes, how many books are planned to be in each one, and the history of how the series started. Check it out when you have time, you might just learn something new and enjoyable.


  1. Well, at least you're keeping yourself busy, Brooke. XD Anyway, I loved the quote by Stanley Tussi! But I have two questions: what's the last picture supposed to be? And about that really old novel, was it that one you told me about that you wrote in third grade?

  2. It's a poster I made. It says 'The End. The best words ever.' I kind of messed around with it on Tinypic so it looks kind of strange, I know. Yes, it is. ^^ I'm going to post a page on it soon once I get some more ideas together (since I'm having to redo it, I think I told you), have a title, and write a summary.

  3. Yeah, you can barely read it. XD I thought it looked like some strange, foreign handwriting that related to your story. Cool! Can't wait to read it! Maybe you should post the third grade version of the novel right before you post the rewrite.

  4. It does kind of look like it doesn't it? I'm not posting the whole rewrite, just pieces, and I would rather not. I don't even have the third grade version anymore but the fifth grade one is almost as scary. XD