Thursday, October 06, 2011

There Is A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For This

1. Glee is my new favorite TV show.

No! Don't run away! That's what not this whole post is about, I swear! Just give me a minute to explain. Please! -throws self at feet- You'll stay? Great! -stands up and brushes self off-

On my First Campaigner Challenge post, I received a comment that went something like this:
Jen said...
Great job! Love the idea.

By the way...You've been tagged! Share 10 random things about yourself!
See, better now isn't it? I told you there was a reasonable explanation. And now that the most terrifying fact of the ten is out of the way, how's about nine more? Fabulous.

2. I rub my eyebrows when I think.
3. I have fairy doors on the wall in my room. Close to the ground, of course.
4. I hate people who walk slow in school hallways.
5. My feet are barely bigger than my nine year old sister's.
6. I got my first ARC recently! It's called All Different Kinds of Free.
7. Sometimes I make random noises for no reason at all.
8. I <3 Kaleb Nation.
9. I was conceived before Lizzie, even if she is older.
10. And the color of the day is blue more often than not.


  1. That's the most original introduction to a tag I've seen :-)

  2. I have never seen GLEE. Yes, I am admitting it. I'm confessing my horrible sin.

    Now I'm done!

    I sometimes rub my eyebrows too, but then I have to smooth them out again 'cause they've gone a bit haywire. lol

  3. great fun facts! i totally agree about slow people in crowded school hallways, move it people! i got places to be!

    and i hope your blue is bright and energetic, not sad and moody =)

    have a great weekend!

  4. Hi. I'm new at your blog. I like your posts. Glad to know you :)


  5. There is absolutely no shame in loving Glee! Well, ok, maybe a little bit.

    Is it weird that I relish in the fact the my name is part of the title? D:

  6. That is SO WEIRD. I also rub my eyebrows when I'm thinking! Actually, usually my left eyebrow while I'm using the mouse with my right hand. I never stopped to think about it before, but when you mentioned it I thought, hang on, I do that too!

  7. @Sarah Thank you. ^^ I also try to do something different with my tags.

    @Trisha Yeah, I rub them the wrong way, and then I rub them smooth again. Otherwise I would look like I had really bushy eyebrows. lol

    @Tara And then if I wind up late I get really mad.

    The shade of blue depends. :P

    @Javid Why, thank you. ^^ I hope you enjoy all my future posts as well.

    @Lee Nope. Don't think so. Who's your fav character? Mine is Kurt. :D

    @Rachel Hmm... I don't know which eyebrow I rub more... Now I'm going to think about it every time I start rubbing my eyebrows. XD Who is your favorite character? Mine is Kurt.

  8. Maybe there should be an eyebrow-rubber club?
    okay, THAT would be weird...