Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Turn a Word Into a Halloween Costume

1. Choose your word. Preferably not a noun, as they make things easier and, hence, less fun.


2. Make sure you know the full and complete definition of your non-noun. Look it up in various dictionaries or using online resources. You may find that the word has a rather different meaning than you assumed.

obvious - adj. Easily seen, discovered, or understood.
-Webster's Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language New Revised Edition

obvious - adjective 1. easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge; evident: an obvious advantage. 2. lacking in subtlety. 3. Obsolete. being or standing in the way.

3. Brainstorm on how you can make the definition apply to you by use of clothing. *

Easily seen?Easily understood?

4. After you have the body of your costume, consider any accessories, including footwear, that could add awesomeness to your costume. Make sure you have an explanation for how they tie to your original word and its definition. Farfetched explanations are allowed.

More easily seen.

5. Put it all together and go trick-or-treating or to that costume party or whatever you're planning to do on Halloween!

Lizzie fail.
*If you decide to implement any kind of writing into your costume as we did, make sure you know how to spell everything. Misspellings are not always easy to fix, especially when fabric paint is involved.

What are you being/doing for Halloween?


  1. I think an obvious costume is totally cool. Even better than a Freudian slip.

  2. This is something very different. I look forward to seeing it all together :-)

  3. @Julie Why thank you. ^^ (Even though I have no idea what a Freudian slip is.)

    @Sarah I know. You should see people's faces when I tell them I'm being the Obvious for Halloween. XD Yes, be sure to stop by tomorrow night!

  4. Ha! Funny and clever. Happy Halloween!

  5. I just sent you an e-mail asking about your costume. Maybe I should have read your blog first! Ha, what a fun idea.

    Perhaps Lizzie can do a grammar fail costume.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. awesome concept! I'm 'haunting your blog' as per Theresa Milstein:)

  7. Spelling errors can be considered cute though...especially if they are worn by a cute guy and there are lots of cute girls around who want to squish him like a puppy.

  8. how fun & creative, my favorite kind of costumes!

  9. Very cool idea.

    I'm haunting you after seeing your comment on Theresa's blog. :) Booooo.

  10. Cool costume! Found you via Theresa Milstein's Halloween Haunting! Have a great Halloween!

  11. This is hiliarious. I can only imagine people's reaction when they asked you what you are. :D

  12. @Jes Happy Samhain (though I'm a little late)! I try. :)

    @Theresa I know, and I had just replied to that email telling you to check out my post when I saw your comment in my inbox. XD

    Yes! I can picture her face when I tell her that now.

    Oh, and I promise to post about the Halloween Haunting tomorrow. I've got a few little tidbits like that to share so I figured I would do it all in one day. ^^

    @Creepy Query Girl Ah, now I know where all these new followers have come from. ^^ Thanks so much for stopping by, though I ask you not to scare the children with your hauntings. Love your name.

    @Michael -cocks eyebrow- I couldn't say if it was cute on Lizzie or not. Oh, and I found out she had two misspelled words. The other was Obvious, but that was simply a typo.

    @Tara Why thank you. ^^ We're rather fun and creative people, or so we like to think.

    @Medeia Ahhh! -hides- Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment. ^^

    @J. C. Martin Yes, a lot of people have. I'm very happy about it. I'm going to definitely be checking out blogs once I finish updating my NaNo word count.

    @Stina I really didn't have that many ask, though I went up to our local newscaster's house and her face was pretty funny.