Monday, November 14, 2011

Help Harry Help Others by Purchasing Campaigner Challenges 2011

So, you remember Rachael Harrie's Third Platform-Building Campaign, right? And the challenges we had to do (1, 2, 3) along with my entries for them (1, 2, 3), right? I knew you did.

Ms. Katharina Gerlach has been so kind to put all of the challenge entries (the ones she had permission for, anyway), including mine, into an eBook cleverly titled Campaigner Challenges 2011 (at Amazon here and at Smashwords here). This eBook costs $2.99 and all proceeds go to Help Harry Help Others, an organization dedicated to helping those with brain cancer.

The book went up 3,000 places in the rankings for the Kindle Store in just one day and currently stands at #9,777! I challenge all of you to buy this book, and tell as many people as you can to buy this book. Let's see how high we can get those rankings. Let's Help Harry Help Others. (I've already done my part. My mother spent at least two hours on the phone yesterday calling relatives to tell them I'd been published. -rolls eyes-)


  1. Aw, how cool is that? I was such a bad campaigner, so I missed all these challenges. Now I can catch up on my reading! While helping fight brain cancer!

  2. I think I've mentioned before how much I love your mother :-)

  3. Congratulations Brooke. well did you do in that flash fiction thing a while back ago for the famous magazine? Was it Seventeen? I can't remember. I know you were excited and I voted for your entry.

  4. @Madeline I know! This is a very convenient way for me to read all of the entries (or a lot of them) since I never have time to click through all the links. Fighting brain cancer FTW!

    @Sarah Yes, I think you have. XD If she's like this for a few short stories I barely had to try to get into a book, imagine what she'll be like if I ever get a whole book published. 0-0

    @Michael It was Seventeen. The contest is actually still going on. Submissions go in until the end of December with public voting ending in January so... I've been stuck at 24 votes for quite some time. Brainstorming on how to get over that.

    BTW, I love how you can spark such conversations with such short posts. XD A lot of people seem to hate Kristen Stewart.