Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Close Enough to Taste [Birth of a Novel Blog Chain]

It's so close I can taste it. I'm almost there. Only one more day. Then I can stop and take a break. I can go to bed before twelve. I can read again. It will be glorious! And made all the better by the two new first drafts that will be sitting beside me.

Current word count? 97,053. That leaves 3,138 words until I'm finished (the count is a little off because SHADOWMAN was completed at 50,191 words). Completely manageable compared to other days.

I'm afraid my story might exceed 50k. Though it would be awesome to actually write a longish novel, I would really rather be finished with everything NaNo related before December. However, a few of my plot points have fallen off the wagon so perhaps I won't be that far over.

Tomorrow might be a tough day for writing. My cousin is coming home after quite a few months away and we're celebrating with a family dinner. I'm even going to get out of school a little early to go pick him up at the airport. Well, I guess that's what notebooks are for because, no matter what, I am going to finish this thing tomorrow.

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  1. I'm definitely not going to be done with all things NaNo by December. But I'll at least get that month free of it. Except...I'm still probably going to try and read through last year's NaNo (it's on my goals list for this year after all. hehe)

    Congrats Brooke, you are nearly there!!

  2. Whoahhh! 97K! AWESOME!

    Good luck!


  3. You've done an awesome job with your word counts! I'm sure you'll squeeze in those last few words somehow. :D

  4. Awesome job Brooke! And good luck, you can do it. Enjoy the time with your cousin too.

  5. @Trisha I read last year's NaNo in January. XD I love how your goals are so much more specific than mine. I'm going to work on that next year.

    @Mia Thank you! ^^ It is indeed awesome, though, for some reason, I don't feel like it's enough yet.

    @Cherie I will! I have found myself with almost 7 hours to write and it will get done!

    @Charity I did. ^^ I've returned home, but he's going to come over again later to hang.

    @Michael Eh. It'll need a lot of work. I was actually thinking of having Alisha (who is the best friend who always reads my novels) write a mini review of it for the blog just for fun.

  6. Yeah, well I tried to edit last year's NaNo earlier but still found I was burned out on it. haha

  7. I didn't actually edit it, at least not much. I just read through it. I'm planning to really dive into it next year.

  8. Congratulations Brooke! You not only made the 50,000 word goal but went over! I love it!

  9. Thank you. ^^ My word count actually went up 6k after this post and, though I'm loving it too, I'm glad it's over.

  10. Ahhh, well I guess when I was going for a read-through of last year's NaNo, I had the intention of editing it...instead of just reading through. This way feels like way less pressure. hehe

  11. Yeah, all I basically did was cut a bunch of words that I didn't need because I actually like doing that otherwise I just read.

  12. OMG, you're amazing! And I gave you an award on my blog yesterday. Just sayin.:)

  13. OMG that's a scarily fantastic wordcount!!!


    ps. sorry I've been such a miserable birth of a novel-er!!!

  14. @Laura Thank you, Laura. ^^ And I saw that. I'll have to do another award post soon.

    @Tessa lol It's okay. I haven't been that good of a blog chainer either. XD

  15. Congratulations, Brooke! I remember how you agonized about how you didn't reach your word goal over the summer. When life is the busiest (school), we're often the most productive.

    YaY, Brooke!

  16. I have awarded you an amazing blog award to which you should be eternally grateful.

  17. @Theresa It does appear to me that way. It makes sense and it doesn't, all at the same time. XD And you know, looking back, 17k in a month wasn't so bad.

    @Michael It is most definitely time for an award post. I think I'm up to three. I'm thinking a game show theme...