Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take One Down, Pass It Around, 155 Unread Books on the Shelf

I have recently returned from a month-long visit to my grandparents' house. While there, I accumulated nineteen books for my collection. (I know there are twenty books in the picture. I won Possession by Elana Johnson while I was away.) I've only read one of them.

You may remember my summer goals post. One of them pertained to my reading. And I quote:
All unread books will have their status reversed. I have over one hundred books that I have yet to read. Good thing I'm a fast reader.

At that time, I knew I had a lot of books to read, but not exactly how many. After receiving all these new books, I finally sat down to figure it out. Are you ready? Drum roll please.

I have 155 unread books.

Summer ends September 22. That gives me just a little over two months. Am I the only one freaking out right about now?

There is a bright side. Twenty-nine of those 155 are books that, on Goodreads, I file under my 'behind-the series' shelf. This means I own the book, but I have yet to read up to it in the series. I'm exempting them.

That leaves me with 126 books and 63 days to read them. Which means I'm going to have to read at least two books a day. I can do that. Right?

Follow my progress more closely on Goodreads and feel free to friend me.


  1. Holy crap Brooke, that is a LOT of reading!! Can't wait to hear how you do.

    I've probably got way more than 155 unread books on my shelves...I'm terrible. Especially as I keep buying more! I stopped myself buying two more the other day from Book Depository. I decided I'd make do with what I've got, and once I'm done with those I'll join a public library. hehe

  2. Yes, my days start July 22. I'm probably going to go to sleep soon (it's 2:30 AM here) but when I wake up, I'll probably finish working the kinks out of the short story I'm working on (because I'm behind) then read.

    The majority of my next posts will probably relate to my Wonderful Week. That'll knock off ten books. XD

    What's really bad is, I just got an email that says Borders' (all Borders') out of business sales start this Friday. And I've got a grandma who wanted to buy me something expensive for promotion...

  3. I like reading, but that is so many books to read in such a short amount of time! Are any of them picture books? :D

  4. Good luck Brooke! You're going to need it.

    I only have about 6 on my current to-read shelf [because I am a failure] but that's scheduled to change next week.

    You should go to Borders soon! I went today and there was a huge sale, as well as some amazing books. However, I was on a tight budget...

    Again, good luck. (:

  5. @itssacred I may not succeed. And if not, I'm okay with that because it is a colossal goal. And no, none of them are picture books. XD

    @Izzy I'm hoping to convince my grandma to take me some time this weekend. She's been mentioning about buying me something for promotion.

  6. Wow! I thought I was in bad shape. I've read 65 this year. My to-read pile is about 40, but my virtual pile is way worse!

  7. I'm not sure exactly how many books I've read this year. I wasn't really keeping track until last month.

  8. Holy cow! That is a lot of books to read in such a short amount of time! lol I know I couldn't do it. But I'm sure you can!! :D

  9. Of course, I don't have three small children at home. Just a nine-year-old sister.

    I'm already behind. XD But then I have been working on my writing, edits and what-not.

    When I volunteer at the library is a good time to read. Almost two uninterrupted hours.

    Maybe I should read all the shorter books first and get them out of the way. XD

  10. That is a lot of reading but I have faith in you. If you feel that you can do it, then I know you can. :)

  11. Just keep my eye on the prize, right?