Monday, July 18, 2011

Left Behind

 Note that this review may contain spoilers.

In one cataclysmic moment, millions across the globe disappear.

Vehicles, suddenly unmanned, careen out of control. People are terror stricken as loved ones vanish before their eyes.

In the midst of global chaos, airline captain Rayford Steele must search for his family, for answers, for truth. As devastating as the disappearances have been, the darkest days may lie ahead.

My biggest buff with this book is that the characters have everything easy. Loved ones have disappeared and being left behind while they go on to heaven is no picnic, I'm sure, but there are no obstacles. Disappearances? The Rapture (they figured this in the first half of the book). Antichrist? Nicolae Carpathia (so saw that coming).

The closest things to obstacles were Chloe's reluctance to accept Christ and the attempt on Buck's life. Both disappeared pretty quickly when Chloe accepted Christ, which I thought might have been more critical if she'd been hit by a car or something and it was possible she might die without him, and Buck made it back to the states, without one close encounter that he didn't have a plan on how to get around, and Carpathia made the whole thing 'go away'.

The writing in this book is simple, making it easy to read, and it's not a bad story. At some points, I rushed to read on. The scene where Carpathia shoots those two men at the pre-press conference was the best, or at least the scene that best stuck in my memory. At other points, the reading was slow, essentially when the characters were talking about God and Christ. Some of it was interesting, but the rest I've heard at church a million times.

I gave this book three stars on Goodreads.


  1. Doesn't sound like my kind of book at all ;)

  2. Not my kind of book either. But interesting to hear about it.