Saturday, July 02, 2011

Midway Point

Half of the year 2011 is over as of today. Being such a special occassion, I decided it would be a good day to update you on my New Year's resolutions.You may recognize this format.
  1. I will write everyday. Does every week count? -sigh- Not only does that sound pathetic, these are the best writing habits I've ever had (at least I've made improvement). At least in the month of April, I did write every single day. B+
  2. I will write a blog post or in my journal every day. I've been slacking off on blog posts lately but, again, in April I blogged every day (sometimes twice). However, I haven't written in my journal since January. I'll think of things to write and then I just won't. Sometimes I feel like anything I write in that notebook just comes out clique or like something you would read in a book. I don't want my thoughts to be like that so I don't write them down. C-
  3. I will learn to vlog. Currently, there are two videos on my YouTube channel, one of which is an actual vlog. I also have a video (not sure if I'm going to make it a vlog) planned for when I reach 500 books (which may happen once I get home and update my book list). B
  4. I will become more organized with when and what I write (or edit). -crickets chirping- I haven't worked really hard toward this one. I did set some goals for the summer, but setting goals is the hardest I've worked toward this goal. C
  5. I will become better at critiquing others work. I've recently joined a blog called Unicorn Bell. It's like a critique group. I've participated in a few activites, posting pieces as well as critquing others, but I have yet to pair up with anyone. Of course, Madeline and I still help each other (anyone hear about her recent success?). B-
  6. I will not give in to peer pressure or do anything that I don't want to do (excusing homework assignments). N/A
Tell me how you're doing with your resolutions.


  1. What a good idea to do a 6 month check-in!

    I had two resolutions for this year:
    Have a baby: Check.
    Finish Rough Draft of WIP: Ah, I'm about 1/5 there.

    So the rest of the year is dedicated to raising my spawn and finishing the WIP.

    I like to keep things simple :P

  2. I love babies, though of course, it's going to be a long time before I have my own.

    I didn't make finishing my WIP a goal because I have a few of those, plus I figured the writing every day would help that.

    I need to learn to simplify.

  3. N/A??? what does that mean? Does it mean there was no peer pressure? If so, that's awesome! :D

    Sounds like you've at least done something toward your goals. Well done :)

  4. That's exactly what that means. Of course, I don't start high school until Augsut, and isn't is supposed to get worse then?

  5. I bet your real grades are better than your self-imposed grades here.

    We make goals, and do our best. If you blog everyday, something else has got to give.

    Ooo, vlogging. I'm scared to try it. Who wants to see AND hear from me?

    I hope you're enjoying your summer.

  6. I like your vlog! Seeing how young you look (well, you ARE young), and I'm even more impressed that you write so well.