Monday, August 20, 2012

Camp NaNo Update, My Favourite Character, A First Line, and My Tumblr (AKA This is an Informal Post)

Hello, lovelies. :) Forgive me if this is a bit of an informal post. I miss writing those and I just wanted to give you all an update. Plus, I must admit I'm getting kind of used to Tumblr. (This is a hint for you to check it out.)

Camp NaNo Update

My current word count for my Camp NaNo novel, OBJECTION, is 21,587. Which is more than the last time I gave you all an update (it's also more than I wrote during Camp NaNo last year) so I'm making progress. That's what matters. Not that I'm about 10k behind.

Really, I'm not that worried about actually winning Camp NaNo. If I don't finish my novel this month, I'll just keep trucking right on into September. Now, if it goes on into October, I'll have to stop so I can plan my untitled princess clone fantasy/sci fi for NaNo, and then, of course, in November I'll be, you know, writing that novel. But, if it's necessary, I will start up again in December, continuing my steady progression.

Also, I've decided I won't be doing Camp NaNo next year. While it gets me started on something new, doing such a challenge during the summer isn't as productive as doing it during school. In the summer I want to laze around and not do much. It's my down time and writing feels more like work then. I mean to write, but I keep pushing it off until there's simply no more time. However, when school's going on, writing seems more freeing and I consciously make room in my schedule for it. Therefore, I get more done. Besides, I'll have plenty of other things to focus on.

My Favourite Character

I said in my last post that the next part of OBJECTION was going to be very exciting. Since then, I've written my favourite scene thus far and gotten to the good part. I mean, real good. Like I'm only at the beginning of the "real good" zone, and I've already had a bit of an empathy about one of my characters.

Her name is Armie. At the moment, she doesn't have a last name. But she's become my favourite character in OBJECTION.

You see, I know those little things about your characters like their first memories, past friendships, experiences in school, etc. are important. I use myself as a reminder of that. (My first memory is of a tornado. To hear the story, message me on my Tumblr and I'll post it. P.S. This is another hint that you should check it out.) But, unless it's essential to the plotline, I'm terrible at coming up with things like that. But with Armie, it's been easy. For instance, she has three scars on her face. I know the story behind each of them. Her personality shows through my writing as well, even in this early draft. I love it and her.

A First Line

I was lying in bed last night when it came to me. The first line for my untitled princess clone fantasy/sci fi. It's not perfect, and there are a few holes that will need to be filled when I start plotting, but I thought I'd share it with you. (NaNo Disclaimer: This does not count as "writing" because, as I said, there are some holes to fill in and I might tweak it a bit between now and November. Plus, we're allowed to plan and having the first line is part of some writer's outlining process.)
Zoie [insert last name(s) here] the Fourteenth, the true princess of [insert kingdom name here], gazed out her tower window and plotted her escape.
My Tumblr

Oh, and, in case you didn't know, my Tumblr blog can be located here: It's a personal blog, but I've also been posting shorter updates about Camp NaNo there. Just in case you missed that information. ;)

How do you like informal posts? Who is your favourite character in your current project? What do you think of my rough first line? Have you checked out my Tumblr?


  1. I only really visit Tumblr to look at free pornography that gets reblogged and reposted. It's a really good medium for that. I'm sure yours is squeaky clean and all innocent so I'll check it out. I'll be like, "whoah, a tumblr that isn't reposting pics of naked guys...what is this animal?"

    1. 0-o Now I am very scared to search Tumblr. And even more scared that today I learned a tag for such porn from a YouTube video I was watching with the actors from one of the web series I subscribe to. They mentioned it because one of their names is also the name of an "adult movie" star.

  2. Yeah, writing during the summer time is TOUGH. It's good to have goals and I love your continual writing plan. Are you doing NANOWRIMO again this year?

    1. As I learned in Web Design class, I'm a C personality. Of course I have a plan. ;) ( - DISC personality quiz if you want to check it out.)

      And yes! I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year. In fact, the first line in this post is for that novel. I also recently came up with a new character idea for it as well!

  3. I like informal posts :-) And I know what it's like when you really connect with one (or more) of your characters :-) Good luck with planning for NaNoWriMo.

    1. Me too. I used to do them all the time and I miss that. :/

      Thank you. ^^ Planning doesn't officially start until next month but I've got a nice basis for it so far.