Saturday, September 01, 2012

NYR Update - 8 Months

  1. I will have complete THINKING OF YOU's ready for query first round of revisions. NA
  2. I will have two new first drafts. I reached 23,090 words on OBJECTION. I also came up with a first line for the untitled princess close fantasy/sci fi.
  3. I will win National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).
  4. I will submit at least two short stories to two anthologies, journals, ezines, and/or contests.
  5. I will read at least one hundred books. I read one book this month and am currently reading three others. Goodreads says that I am nineteen books behind.
  6. I will post at least one vlog a month. NA
  7. I will exercise in some way once a week. In the second week (August 5-11), I played tag for about thirty minutes.


  1. I can't wait to read your longer works. Your shorter stuff is so well written that I bet the longer stuff just immerses me into a world of fascination for hours. I just hope you don't make my head crack open with subtle mysteries I will obsess about until I know what you are talking about LOLOL

    1. I actually sort of wish my longer works were as well written. XD But I guess that's what revisions are for. And hey, does this mean you want to read through THINKING OF YOU if I ever do manage to get the revisions done? -nudge nudge wink wink-