Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zombie Love #2 (Wanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott)

Today I am showcasing one of two books that have just been released this month. They are very different, but they do have one thing in common. The Undead. -dun dun dun-

Wanted: Dead or Undead -- YA Western Zombie Romance

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Trace Monroe doesn’t believe in luck. He never has. But when a fiery-headed cowgirl saunters through the saloon doors, wielding shotguns and a know-how for killing the living dead, he believes he just may be the luckiest man alive.

Trace wants to join "Red’s" posse, but she prefers to work alone—less messy that way. To become her traveling companion, Trace has to agree to her terms: no names, no questions, and if he gets bit, he can’t beg for mercy when she severs his brain stem. He agrees, knowing only that Red is the sharpest shooter he’s ever encountered. The fact she’s stunning hasn’t escaped his attention either.

What he doesn’t know, is that Red has a very good reason to be on top of her game. She not only has the answer for how they can all outlive the plague taking over the wild, wild west, she is the answer.

And, not only is Angela giving away some awesome zombie swag over at her blog, she has also agreed to give away a free copy of Wanted: Dead or Undead right here. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Extra entries can be earned by a) posting comments on the other posts related to this month's theme on my blog or b) posting, tweeting, or in any way sharing Wanted: Dead or Undead. If you share, be sure to leave accurate links. Everyone, be sure I have your email address.

Bonus Question: I know you wrote this book in response to a challenge to step outside your comfort zone. But why zombies? And why the west?

Angela: Why zombies and why the west? I say, why the heck not? Just kidding. I think because zombies and cowboys in a wild west setting was so far from anything I had ever written, I latched onto the idea and wondered if someone like myself--Utah mother of three--could pull it off. My critique group had issued the challenge, and I ran with it. I had always called myself a YA Contemporary Author. All my work, up that point, had a contemporary feel to it. No werewolves. No vampires. No magic. Just teens living life and dealing with their various struggles. Writing a book about cowboys and zombies pushed me out of my comfort zone in a big way. Not only did I write about zombies, but I also wrote this book in 3rd person and from the POV of a male for several of the chapters. I'd never done any of those things before. Was I successful? I hope so. All I know is that I've never had so much fun writing a book in all my life.

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About Angela Scott: For the most part, I write contemporary Young Adult novels. However, through a writing exercise that spiraled out of control, I found myself writing about zombies terrorizing the Wild Wild West—and loving it. I live on the benches of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with two lovely children, one teenager, and a very patient husband. I graduated from Utah State University with a B.A. degree in English, not because of my love for the written word, but because it was the only major that didn’t require math. I can’t spell, and grammar is my arch nemesis. But they gave me the degree, and there are no take backs.


  1. I started reading this book just yesterday. I really like it. Angela has a way of writing that really draws me in, especially the way her characters talk. Like the guy that showed up with the rabbit and how the redheaded girl sucked all the meat off the bones (at a campfire). I'm fortunate that Angela lives near me. When I finish and review it, I can take her to Gourmandise for some macarons.

    1. Lucky! I want to meet Angela. And from the prologue on her blog I can tell the book is going to be awesome.

  2. Is it sad that I've never read a book about the wild wild west? And the only zombie book I've read was The Forest of Hands and Teeth? Either way, I am definitely reading this book/entering the contest, it sounds absolutely great. Thank you Brooke :]

    Also, just a side note: I have given you the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award on my blog here.

    1. I don't think I ever have either so I'm going to say no, it's not sad. ^^ I don't think I've read any other zombie books either. 0-0 I own an anthology of short stories about them and The Enemy, but I haven't read them yet. And you're welcome, Ella. Glad you could find something you liked.

      And I will go fetch the award right away and stick it into the incomplete awards post I still have to work on. XD

  3. This sounds absolutely fantastic. And talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! Way to go Angela :-)

  4. This is amazing angela we are so proud of u !