Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've been meaning to write this post since like November (or was it October?). There's this contest that is held at my school, and many others too, called Reflections. You may have heard of it. This year, and last, I entered with a writing piece (they have different categories for the different arts). These are the only years I have ever entered even though I've had the opportunity since elementary school. I always find the topics not to my liking (do not get me started on uncreative prompts). I have only entered the last two years because it was required by my English teacher at the time. Unfortunately, I have not won either time. So I thought I would share my entries with you, just for fun.

Year: 2009 
Topic: Beauty is...

Blair walked out of the department store, laden down with bags, in her new two-inch-long bright blue high heels. It went great with her new knee-length dress. The new headband didn't hurt either.

She was feeling very happy. A nice-looking man had told her she looked beautiful as she stood in front of him in line to pay for all of the clothes she had just picked from the racks and racks of different colored fabrics. Blair knew she was beautiful but it always helped when other people pointed it out.

As she rushed to call a taxi, she glanced up at the sky. It was clouded over and reminded her of a sponge about to be squeezed. She frowned a little. She didn't want her new dress to get wet. Suddenly, a little girl tugged on the edge of her new blue dress. Blair yanked away. The little girl was dirty and a great bouquet of colors covered the whole left side of her face. Her clothes were two sizes too big, and her hair was so matted with mud and knots, Blair couldn't even tell the color. The girl was truly ugly in Blair's eyes. Just then, the taxi pulled up to the curb and Blair quickly pushed the girl away in terror and jumped into the backseat.

Behind her the little girl landed on her tush. A tear slowly fell from her eyes leaving a clean streak of skin. She quickly brushed it away and stood up to brush herself off. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't go home, she hadn't any money for her father, and it looked as if it might rain soon. If only the well-dressed woman had listened to her, she might have been able to. Another tear fell down. Being pushed hadn't hurt near as much as the terrified look in the woman's eyes. It hurt even more than her father's blows. Just then the first drop of rain plopped on her nose. She quickly hurried to find shelter from the downpour.

At her home Blair laid out all of her new clothes and admired them. She reached for her purse to dig out her phone so she could send pictures to Tayler, her best friend. But it wasn't there! Blair groaned. She must have left it on the counter at the department store after she paid!

She'd have to go back and get it. If she hurried she could just make it. She quickly grabbed her umbrella and rushed to hail a taxi. At the department store Blair sighed with relief when the cashier produced her light purple purse. She walked back out to call a taxi for her ride home. Her new heels were starting to hurt her feet, but that was the price of beauty. The sidewalks were slick with water, and in a sudden lurch forward to try and hail a passing taxi, Blair slipped into a large puddle. She sat there in surprise, and then angrily slapped the water. Her new dress was ruined! She started to cry and tried to stand but she slipped again. Then the small girl from earlier appeared in front of her and held out her small hand to help Blair up from the puddle.

As the homeless little girl held out her hand, Blair saw what a rare beauty she truly was, despite her bruised cheek and ragged clothes. Blair felt ashamed at her actions of earlier when all she had seen was a dirty child, and felt ugly in comparison. For this child who had nothing, never envied the riches proudly display by the people who passed and had only wanted to ask for a little money so her father might love her. This small child had a beauty of her own kind, one that couldn't be bought at a department store or from a surgeon. Hers was one that others gained from and she herself didn't know she possessed. For hers was the most rare of all beauties. Hers was the beauty of love and kindness, the kind that made others smile and laugh and feel joy. The kind that compelled her to help up a rude, rich lady from a mud puddle and give them a hug even though she's all wet.

Year: 2010
Topic: Together We Can


took me
    as I walked home
pulled me
    into that silver SUV
covered my mouth
    as I tried to scream

Together we could have


want to go home
    more than anything
hope every single day
    that they’ll find me
wish to be safe
    away from him

Together we can


found me
    and took him away
returned me
    and my mother cried
say it’s safe
    (but is that really true?)

Together we did

How is that for some nice poetry? Yes, I'm a little smug (even if I didn't win). I love how I did the form and, I especially love that I figured out how to post it on the blog like it's supposed to be (I had a problem with that on Neopets). I've been thinking about using the topic of my poem (or something like that) for my NEPMo. What do you guys think?

Oh, and while we're on the subject of contests; you know the one I mentioned that's being hosted by Olive Garden? And you know how I said I was going to write my first City in the Sky short story for it? Well, it turns out I can't. They have a set prompt and that wouldn't be so bad except it's completely stiff and just bleh. You think someone (especially someone who is hosting a writing contest) could think of a creative prompt but, alas, it turns out that that isn't so. "Describe how furthering your education beyond high school will help make your dreams come true." Who wants to write about that? I might have an idea for it though and I have over a month left so who knows? Maybe it'll turn out better than I thought but, don't hold your breath (or stare at the sun).


  1. What's NEPmo??

    And I think that poem is great, VERY powerful and dramatic. wow. Creepy too.

    I admit I'm not sure who the "we" in the poem is, is she talking about herself and her kidnapper? or does she have split personalities? :) Those are my two guesses.

  2. I love the story Brooke! :) I didn't enter Reflections this year but my friend Bridget entered the art section of it and the winners are going to be announced this week.

  3. NEPMo is National Epic Poem Month. It's in May. I have the link somewhere. Maybe click on the tab in the sidebar to see the other post?

    lol Thanks. My friends tell me my poems can be rather depressing.

    The 'we' is supposed to be us as a community. The theme is Together We Can as in everyone together.

    Ah, so you didn't get your little film finished?

  4. @Brooke- Sadly, no. We were too busy to film but next year I am definitely entering.