Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are You Happy Now? Um... Duh?

Christmas was wonderful as Christmases tend to be. I got a lot of amazing presents. I'm actually going to tell you about them because I'm happy and some of them pertain to writing or literature (indirectly XD). Some of them, though, have nothing to do with any of that (even indirectly), but I still enjoy them so you're going to hear about those too. I apologize for having two non-writing posts in a row. Here's to hoping you'll enjoy it anyway.

My big (and I mean big) present was two new bookshelves. My dad built them himself (with help from my mom). They are definitely awesomesauce. I spent the next hour rearranging all of my books (finding a few errors on my book list as well but that's all fixed). You probably can't appreciate how great they are without seeing them so without a further ado, here they are.

Bookshelf #1Bookshelf #2

They're taller than I am by almost a whole shelf. They're amazing. That's 421 books it's holding (fifteen of my collection are on the shelves next to my mirror) and it's still not full! They are magnificent and probably one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever gotten.

My other big present was a new cell phone (I took the pictures above with it). I've been wanting a new one for a while since I rather hated my old one. It's a G2 and though I'm not a touch screen person (I know, that's not exactly modern) it has a keyboard so I'm happy. I can even write on this phone. That might be kind of hard though with such tiny keys.

My mom bought me four new shirts. One of them was a NaNoWriMo 2010 shirt (not a winners T-shirt, I think she got confused or maybe she thought this one was cuter)! I don't have a picture of it but if you go here you'll be able to see it just fine. I also got the NaNoWriMo merit badges in my stocking. They're currently sitting in my new artist's box (my mom bought it for me to keep my writing stuff in).

I had asked for quite a few books (Bran Hambric, Fallout, some Pendragon, Redwall, and some Sonya Sones books). My whole family seemed to latch onto the Redwall series though (I guess because there were so many). Luckily, I got about $100 from various grandparents and a gift card to Amazon. I should have plenty of new books to share with you guys soon.

I also got two new CDs from this band I've become a fan of lately, ALL CAPS. They do parodies and fan songs (for like Harry Potter) as well as original songs. You know the NaNoWriMo Song video I posted? That was them. So as you probably just figured out, they're pretty cool. The first part of the title comes from one of their songs that I'm actually listening to right now.

My hamster also, unexpectedly, had babies on Christmas. What a surprise that was. There were originally six but today two of them died. We don't know exactly why but I guess that's just how it is. Sometimes it happens. We're just excited that they finally had babies.

I apologize again for two non-writing related posts in a row. I promise it won't turn into a habit. The next post will be strictly writing related. Maybe even some good news like that I finished Chapter Five (I wish). Here's to hoping that that's what happens.

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